October 21, 2015 - In This Issue:
Welcome to the special 'green' issue of the Benefunder Impact Report. In this issue, we introduce our Clean Energy Impact Fund, created to spark a passionate appeal to donors who want to have a direct impact on solving some of our nation's biggest energy and environmental issues. 

Fueling America's Clean Energy Future

By Christian Braemer
Cofounder & CEO, Benefunder

We are excited to introduce Benefunder's Clean Energy Impact Fund -- a  revolutionary new concept in philanthropy, and as far as we know, the most effective way to fund clean energy innovations and to fast-track them into the marketplace.

Unlike crowdfunding, our Clean Energy Impact Fund is a mutual fund concept that features innovators addressing multiple key areas, has a long-term focus, and appeals to the high net worth, foundation, and corporate segments.

These types of funds include compilations of the best and brightest researchers in those fields working on everything from policy to major breakthrough science to commercialization.

These funds allow for access, diversification, and pooled funds that drive impact, efficiency, and engagement in giving. Why is this important?

First, clean energy is an area that benefits all earthly inhabitants. Reducing our reliance on fossil fuels while supporting an industry that the United States has a real shot at becoming the world leader in would create high paying jobs and boost the economy for generations to come.

It seems like a natural path, but we still have a long way to go; in order to reach the 'tipping point' in clean energy, the decision for the consumer needs to be based on economics rather than just doing the right thing - and we're just not there yet.  

Meanwhile, China has overtaken the United States as the leading investor in this space. In order to tip the scales and potentially win this race, we need to make sure the next big breakthroughs happen soon, and happen here.

Second, if we're successful, this model could be very disruptive in the non-profit space in general, and others will follow. There aren't many options for philanthropists in the clean energy space to begin with, but we will expand this concept to other cause areas soon.

It's time we apply some of the same principles we've always held true in business to philanthropy. That is facilitating market efficiencies, giving the customer (donor) what they want, always doing the right thing - and never stop innovating.

For clean energy to be a no brainer, we need breakthroughs in at least two of the three areas in energy -- production, transmission, and storage. We also need researchers that demonstrate the effects of our current policies, which are included in our Clean Energy Impact Fund.

We're incredibly proud and humbled by the world-class researchers that have dedicated their lives to our planet and have committed to being a part of this movement with Benefunder.

Together, we can help strengthen our nation's clean energy initiatives while preserving our natural resources.
Benefunder Unveils First-Ever Philanthropic 'Mutual Fund' For Clean Energy

Benefunder is excited to announce its Clean Energy Impact Fund , a first-time philanthropic-based initiative created to fuel innovative research that will improve our lives and preserve our natural resources for future generations.

The fund connects donors directly with 40 of the nation's top innovators working on clean energy solutions -- from environmental sensing robots to printable solar cells, global water purification, algae biofuel technology, improved battery storage
technology, powerful electric vehicles, and more.

The fund will focus on advancing all areas of clean
energy, including basic and applied research, with an emphasis on commercializing new methods and technologies. Read more here .

Photo courtesy of Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS)

Michael Aziz, an engineer at Harvard, leads an interdisciplinary research team developing a promising battery storage technology particularly well suited for safely and cost-effectively storing enormous amounts of solar and wind-generated electricity. This will enable us to use them when we need them, rather than when nature chooses to provide them. Aziz's renewable energy storage technology - which was featured in a recent   Forbes article - has the potential to out-perform lithium batteries such as Tesla's Powerwall.
Aziz is the spokesman for Benefunder's new Clean Energy Impact Fund, which features 40 of the nation's top innovators in this space.
"Finding the energy to power human civilization without unacceptable damage to the environment is the greatest challenge facing humanity this century. Universities need to research and develop thousands of innovative ideas if scores of them are to successfully grow to help meet this challenge,"Aziz said. "With government research proposal funding rates sinking toward 10% or lower, many of us researchers spend more time writing proposals than innovating in the lab. Benefunder is in a position to have an enormous impact on university research in clean energy through philanthropic giving."
Read more about his important research here.
Benefunder Featured in Family Wealth Report

The Family Wealth Report recently featured an article on how Benefunder is pushing forward a "green research and commercialization movement" with the launch of a Clean Energy Impact Fund. Read more here.

Benefunder Joins Global Conference for Accelerating Cleantech Innovations & Funding
Benefunder Cofounder and CEO Christian Braemer is participating in a panel with other global cleantech thought leaders this week during the third annual
  GLOSHO Cleantech Global Showcase.

The annual conference brings together an international group of entrepreneurs, investors, technologists, utility executives, and policymakers focused on the acceleration of clean technology and the funding of early stage cleantech entrepreneurs. Read more
here .

Want to help fuel America's Clean Energy Future? Donate now to the Benefunder Clean Energy Impact Fund. For financial questions or more information please contact Tom Paparatto at tpaparatto@benefunder.org