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Here's What is Coming...

There's a lot happening in the next few weeks. Here's a breakdown:
  • Aug. 9th - Training Webinars are available for viewing. We will send out the link the day before they are available.  Teachers will walk you through tips and tricks to help you understand how the teacher and student materials work together, and what's expected of you at home. These training sessions are pre-recorded so you can watch from the convenience of your home, anytime you want to watch them. It's best to be prepared with the textbooks next to you. 
  • Aug. 12th - Parent & Class Meetings: In Lower School, you will have your first teacher meetings with the rest of the class parents. This happens at CCA. You'll get an email from your teacher(s) if they want you to bring anything. This gives you and your teacher a chance to start the year understanding each other's needs and expectations. Students are not invited to this day's events, and only one parent needs to attend. This is also the day mentor partners will meet up to have coffee together and the day of New Family Orientation. Upper School will be able to meet individually with their student's teachers. You will be asked to bring a form with you detailing information about your student. This gives the teachers a great way to start the year knowing more about your child. The Upper School individual meeting times will be sent in mid-July at the latest. 
  • Aug. 14th - Welcome Night at 4 p.m.: CCA Welcome Night is the first time your student will meet his/her teacher(s) for the year. This happens at CCA. This is a chance for the students to put names to faces, to figure out where classrooms are - and to make new friends and see the old ones. Please bring your class supplies if you haven't been asked to before now. Upper School will start with a joint Welcome Night Assembly in the Upper School Chapel room (2nd floor).We start sharply at 4 pm.
  • Aug. 16thFirst Day of School: The school doors open at 8:10 a.m. for Upper School Students and classes start at 8:30 a.m. The school doors open at 8:45 a.m. for Lower School Students and classes start at 9 a.m. Younger students with older siblings attending CCA may be dropped off early. They are expected to stay in the Fellowship Hall/Cafeteria.  Parents are welcome to walk in and help their child get settled into the cafeteria. There will be a designated spot for backpacks or crates for each class. 

There are several special events that happen at CCA each year. Here's a list of what's coming up to help you get prepared. All school events are updated on the  Calendar  page. The Parent Partner schedule has its own calendar.
CHAPEL  takes place the first Friday of each month. Students learn about developing the character of Christ, leadership and are recognized for various achievements.  It's a time of fellowship, worship and learning. Parents are welcome to attend.
* ALTERNATE SCHEDULE: The Upper School class times shift to accommodate the time for Chapel. Please view the alternative schedule that was handed out at Orientation. Lower School does not have Math on Chapel days.
PARENT MEETINGS:   Once every quarter the CCA staff and parents come together to make sure we're all on the same page. At these meetings, we provide training, school updates, and an opportunity for parents to break off with their students' teachers for class-specific information. In addition, each committee is given a short time to meet. It is mandatory for at least one parent to attend these meetings. No children, please.They are held on a Tuesday evening. The meetings are: Sept. 19, Nov.14, Jan.23 & Apr 24 and they start at 6 pm.
AT-HOME EDUCATION DAYS:  These days are typically national holidays that fall on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday when we would typically be at school. Lesson plans aren't prepared for these days. Home Education Days can also be given as an alternative to attending a Field Trip. So, you have a choice: you can plan at least three hours of an educational experience for your student and submit an At-Home-Education Day Form, or your student can take an absence. Home Education days are: Nov. 10 & Jan. 15.
CHRISTMAS PROGRAM:  This dinner and concert takes place at the school shortly before Christmas break. Every year the entertainment is a little bit different, as our students' interests and abilities change and grow. You can expect to fully enjoy an evening of fellowship with other CCA families. We offer dinner on this night and the Elementary students typically have an interactive project they participate in. This is on Tuesday, December 19th.
HISTORY DAY Our K-12 students study the same period of time for the entire year, but customize the lessons by grade. The periods rotate between ancient history, medieval times, colonial America and modern history. In the spring, we work together to set up educational booths and events to make history come alive for our students. History day is February 9th from 9:00-2:30 pm. There are no electives on this day. At least one parent must help with set-up and/or serve on Thursday, February 8 and/or History day on Friday, February 9. 
TALENT SHOW:   Students perform on stage and demonstrate their unique gifts and talents. All CCA families are invited to the dinner and performance. This evening is scheduled for May 1st.
FIELD TRIPS:   Each year, CCA families take at least one big field trip together that has to do with our studies in history and/or science. We make sure students from K-12 will enjoy the experience. More information will be coming out in the next few weeks so you can plan accordingly.
CALENDAR: CCA uses Google Calendar. All calendars are updated and we highly recommend families subscribe to the calendars by clicking on the right, bottom corner button. The calendar button looks like this:-------->

E ach family must purchase their student's curriculum and supplies before the start of school. 

The curriculum list can be found:   We recommend all curriculum be ordered no later than July 14th to ensure it arrives before the start of school. Students must have their curriculum to start school. 

Ordering from Amazon? It's easy to support CCA when shopping on Amazon. A portion of your order will go directly to us. Please use this link:  Amazon Link

Interested in buying or selling used curriculum?  Visit CCA Curriculum Board:
Parenting Class

Do you need to take a Parenting Class to fulfill the requirement at CCA? 
STEP #1: Go to and click on the link "Create an Account"

STEP #2: Click on Class Descriptions to register for any of the four core classes. Click on "learn more" to find out what's in the classes. Be sure to click on the other links to learn more about Biblical Parenting University.

After your registration is approved you'll be sent an email and you'll be able to login to your account and access your class. Use our Site ID code at check out as a coupon code to receive 75% off the regular tuition rate of $99.95. So you only pay $25 per class. Our Site ID code is: FL46538
Please don't share this Site ID code. This partnership is part of our commitment to ongoing training of parents and teachers. 
From the Business Office-Mrs. Brenda Clapper

 behalf of the CCA Business Office, we welcome you as a new family to the school!  I give oversight to the business operations of the school handling the Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Payroll processes plus Financial Reporting to the School Board.  Jennifer Loerzel, our Business Office assistant, handles the Enrollment Application, Tuition Billing and Human Resource processes and serves as a liaison for the office.
Please review your Financial Agreement with the school and be mindful if you elected monthly payments that your ACH withdrawals begin in July.  The first billing invoices for the school year were sent by email June 25th and will have a due date of either the 5th or 20th depending on what you chose.  If you elected semi-annual or annual payment, your invoices will be emailed July 25th with a due date of August 5th payable by check or with the invoice PayLink provided.  We also have a "Gray Payment Box" at the reception desk where you can drop off your payments during the school year.
I would also like to note for the month of August your tuition billing invoice will either be modified or you will receive a separate invoice with an additional fee if your child chooses a Specialized Elective.  Specialized Elective fees are due in full with the August invoice billing.
Feel free to contact our office if you have questions regarding any financial aspects with the school.  Jennifer can be reached at or I can be reached at Our Office Hours are M-W-F from 8:30-3:30 with Jennifer onsite each of these days and I am onsite Fridays and available by email the other days.  

Summer Reading

Every year, CCA sends out a Summer Reading list for our students. There are two reasons for this list: 1) Encourage summer reading. Research shows that students must continue to read over the summer or they could lose skill.   2)In most cases, the list is just meant to give guidance on reading and to encourage "quality" and "on-level" reading. However, once a student reaches High School, the books given help the teacher jump right into teaching since all of the students will have read the mandatory reading ahead of time. Elementary students are given incentives by their teacher. The goal, again, is to encourage reading. The list of Supplemental Reading books is meant to give parents guidance and choosing books. Equipping Our Parent (EOP) gives recommended parent reading lists. We believe supporting and equipping our parents is important. If you ever have a question or concern about Summer Reading, please let us know.  

To view the MANDATORY 6-12 Summer Reading and optional K-5th grade Summer Reading visit our website here:  Summer Reading

Visit our Equipping Our Parent (EOP) page and look at our recommended parent summer reading and "like" our Facebook page. 

Where do I find that? 

Looking for the supply list? 

You can find the supply list here: Supply List

Looking for the Handbook or a Form? 

If you need to review one of our Handbooks or if you are looking for a form, you can always find them on our website here: Handbooks & Forms 

Wondering about the dress code? 

You can find the dress code in the Handbook. We made this one page, easy reference for parents too:  CCA 2017-2018 Dress Code

Looking for Sign-Ups or Link?

We post all of our sign-ups and links in one place on our website. You can find the link for Wednesday Lunch Sign-Up and other sign-ups sent out in one place. We know you are busy, so don't worry if you can't find the email with the link. You can come to this link and find it all in one place: Sign-Ups and Links
Lunch Sign-Up?

CCA offers pizza, Subway or Chick-fi-la on a rotating basis on Wednesdays. This is optional. Sign-up is monthly and the deadline is always the Sunday night before the new month begins. You can find the dates on the CCA calendar. We will send out lunch sign-ups by August 1st. The first day of school we do NOT offer this as an option-so be sure you pack your child a lunch. Terri White is in charge of the lunch program. 

What is the Parent Partner program? 

We believe our unique model works because we partner together to support each other. On July 15th, we will email everyone that the Parent Partner Calendar is available. Parent Partners are what we call volunteers at CCA. Each parent is assigned 4 days or once a quarter to serve for the whole day-until 3:30 pm. Parents must also serve on History Day. During New Family Orientation, Mrs. Davis will share more information about this program. However, you should familiarize yourself with some basic guidelines:  and notice where on the website you can find the Parent Partner Calendar after July 15th here:    Parent Partner Schedule

CCA is on Facebook

CCA has three Facebook pages we encourage you to like and use. When you see something great on our page, please share it on your own news feed. Help us spread the word about our great school!
  1. - This is our general school page. On this page, we post information about our school, education trends, photos from special events, and other news about our events. It's different from our monthly newsletter and is another excellent way for you to stay in-the-know.
  2. - This is our Equipping Our Parents group page. Here we share information about parenting, health and safety issues affecting Florida parents, special deals on items our students and parents might enjoy, and other special content. 
  3. This is our Curriculum Board. This is THE place to share the books you have to sell - and those you want to buy. Join it now, so you're ready next spring.

We communicate via email, grades and lesson plans (to name just a few) through a website called Jupiter Education. If you receive an email from us, you can create an account. You will also be sent account information once we get closer to the start of school. The New Family Orientation will also have some basic information and there will be a webinar for you to view. 

Sign-Up for Electives

1st-12th grade Hybrid CCA students have three electives a week. The electives are chosen by semester. The elective sign-up for 1st semester is now posted. Some classes will fill up quickly.  Y ou will have until July 15th to sign-up or we will assign your child's electives. 

Here is the link: 

Support CCA

Here are a two easy ways you can start supporting CCA this summer:

Box Tops
Clip and save Box Tops. Here is a list of participating products.We collect Box Tops 4 times a year and CCA earns 10 cents for every Box Top.

Use this link and Amazon donates a percentage of your purchase to CCA:

Visit our Facebook page to see all of the Family Fun Events:  

Coming up: 

July 3rd Bowditch Beach 10:00 am
July 20th Skating at 12:00 pm
July 28th Bowling at 11:00 am

Back to School Important Dates

August 9th - Training Webinars available through our website

August 12th - Class and Individual Meeting Day , New Parent Orientation - No children

Lower School Schedule: (K-5th)

K/1-class meeting                                    830-900
2nd/3rd-class meeting                             900-930
New Family Orientation                           930-1100
Fundations 1 & 2 (Phonics)                   1100-1130
Saxon 1-3(Math)                                    1130-1200
Saxon 54, 65 & 76(Math)                       1200-1230
Reading 2 & 3                                        1230-100
Reading 4 & 5                                          100-130
IEW-Writing                                              130-200
4th-class meeting                                     200-230
5th-class meeting                                     230-300

Upper School Schedule: (6th-12th)

There will be an email sent with your individual meeting time with your teachers.


8:30-9:30 & 11:00 - 12:00  Coffee Bar- Mentors and New Families can plan a time to meet up. 

9:30-11:00 am New family Orientation-Learn about important policies and procedures; Learn how to schedule your home day; How to Parent Partner (Volunteer); and much more!

August 14th- Welcome Back Night starts at 4 pm and ends at 5 pm. K-5th- Meet your teacher and the other students in your class. 6th-12th grade- Receive your class list; visit your teachers; attend an orientation; meet new students (and returning). 

Staff for 2017-2018 School Year. 

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