Video highlights Impact Award winners and their work in development

Focus on OPIC Impact Award winner: Simpa

Simpa was honored with an Impact Award for renewable energy. As the recipient of a $3 million OPIC loan, Simpa illustrates how a small amount of financing can go a long way in improving the lives of people in the developing world. Learn more

OPIC Impact Awards: A recap in pictures 

From health clinics in Ghana to solar panels in India, these pictures show the  important  work of our Impact Award winners. 
Learn more

Focus on OPIC Impact Award winner: Sante GMT

Sante GMT, a producer of milk and dairy products in Georgia, won one of two Impact Awards given this year in the development impact category. Learn more

Focus on OPIC Impact Award winner: Root Capital

Root Capital  was awarded the Impact Award for renewable resources. A longstanding OPIC partner, Root Capital has supported thousands of farmers from Latin America to Sub-Saharan Africa to Asia. Learn more

"The work that OPIC does to support development in vulnerable places is critical not only to those countries but to the future security of the United States," said one Impact Award winner. Learn more


Bridge International Academies, a network of low-cost, high-quality schools operating in underserved communities throughout rural and urban Kenya, was the recipient of an Impact Award in the development impact category. Learn more

CSI Latina Financial Inc. was presented with an OPIC Impact Award in the American small business category. CSI Latina is a Miami business that leases information technology and other equipment to small and medium enterprises in developing countries. Learn more

OPIC presented Belstar Development, LLC with an Impact Award in the innovation category. Belstar is a Miami company that is serving as the lead investor in Ghana's National Medical Equipment Modernization Project. Learn more