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Dear Parents,

Parent/Teacher conferences are an opportunity for parents and teachers to meet to discuss how students are doing academically, socially and emotionally in class.  It is a great opportunity to meet your children's teachers, and get an idea of how they are performing in school, and what they are working on.  It is a great way to strengthen the partnership between parents and teachers.  

Parent/Teacher conferences will held on the following dates and times:

Grade Levels
Friday, November 17, 2017
  5-8 Only
Monday, November 20, 2017
  K-8 and Specialists
Tuesday, November 21, 2017
  K-8 and Specialists

In order to make sign ups for conferences as easy as possible we have worked with TEESO, an online conference scheduling software.  

Conference signups will begin on October 30th. You will visit http://www.teeso.com/bfccps/  to select a conference day and time.

If you are a returning parent, your username and password remained in the system from last year.  Your username will be your primary email address, unless at some point you changed it to something else.  If you have forgotten your password, please go to the TEESO login page, enter your username, and then click the link to get a new password.  The new password will be emailed to the email address you used to login.  

If you are a new family at BFCCPS, your TEESO parent/teacher conference sign-up user name will be the e-mail address that you submitted to used when you filled out your child's application for enrollment. Please enter that email address, and then click the link to get a new password. The new password will be emailed to the email address you used to login.

The link will also be available from a slide on our website during conference signups. The TEESO system must be used to register for your conferences.  Teachers can not make or change conference times, it must be done within the system.  If you are having a hard time accessing the system, please contact Deb Leonard at dleonard@bfccps.org, and she can help you access your account.  

When you log into the system, you will have the ability to sign up for conferences for every child in your family, and for each teacher that your child has.  Parents of children in kindergarten through grade 4 should sign up with their children's classroom teacher, and also any of the specialists that you wish to meet with.  Parents of children in grades 5 through 8 should sign up with the team of teachers for your child's grade (Example: 5th Team, 6th Team, 7/8 Team), along with any of the specialists that you wish to meet with.

Conferences for classroom teachers K-4 are scheduled in 20 minute increments.  You will meet with your child's main teacher.  For example, in grade 3, if your child has Mrs. Urkevic, you will sign up for a 20 minute conference with Mrs. Urkevic, and then any specialists you may want to meet with.

5th and 6th grade conferences are conducted in a team atmosphere. Parents of 5th grades students will meet with both Mrs. Bartsch and Ms. Lynch, and parents of 6th grade students will meet with both Ms. Martin and Mrs. Ward. At that time, you will discuss your child's progress in all four subject areas. Please sign up for one 20 minute conference slot with the 5th or 6th grade team.

7th and 8th grade conferences occur in 20-minute rotations.  There are three openings available for each time slot.  Please sign up for one 20-minute rotation.  You will meet for five minutes during that rotation with each of the four content area teachers.  For example, if you sign up for a 9:00-9:20 rotation, you would meet with Mr. Afonso to discuss your child's progress in math from 9:00-9:05, then Mrs. Kovacs to discuss progress in ELA from 9:05-9:10, Mr. McSweeney to discuss Social Studies from 9:10-9:15, and then Mr. Murray from 9:15-9:20.  When you come in the day of your conference, your specific rotation will be hanging on the bulletin board for you to follow throughout your conference time slot.

We are a very unique school in that virtually every parent requests a conference with each of their child's classroom teachers.  In order to accommodate meeting with all of our families, it is imperative that parents arrive for their conferences on time, and stick to the allotted time for conferences.  If you or the classroom teacher feel as though a follow up is warranted, please feel free to schedule an additional time to meet with the teacher/s at a time that will work for both of your schedules.

On Monday October 30th our online parent/teacher conference sign-up process will begin.  Conference sign ups will close at 8:00 PM on Tuesday November 15th.


Mrs. Heather Zolnowski
Head of School
A Notice from the Central Office: 

Visitors:   All visitors to the school are required to sign in at the Front Office and wear a Visitor's badge. Visitors must be escorted at all times.  Thank you for your help with this!
Parking & Parking Lot Safety:  Parking is not allowed in marked reserved spots near the schools main entrance. These spots are reserved for the CCD program staff. 

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures:  Please adhere to the posted arrival and dismissal procedures which are posted  here  our website. If you plan on parking on Queen Street to pick up your children, you must park and walk into the courtyard to pick them up. Students may not walk across the playground to Queen Street regardless of their grade level. This is for their own personal safety. 

Absence and Dismissal Notification: If your child will be absent or tardy from school, Please contact Mrs. Tappin at  ltappin@bfccps.org or at  leave a voice message at the absent and tardy line 508-541-3434 and press 4.  Additionally, if you have to make any dismissal changes please email both your child(ren)'s homeroom teacher AND Mrs. Laura Tappin by email at  ltappin@bfccps.org by no later than 2 pm.

As a reminder, BFCCPS has an  extended absence policy which indicates that extended absences for non-medical reasons for more than 10 consecutive school days will not be approved and will result in dis-enrollment from BFCCPS unless caused by exceptional and unavoidable circumstances, such as a natural disaster, serious accident, or other situation deemed exceptional and unavoidable by the HOS.