Special Edition of The Pines: Fall Faith Formation

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Fall Faith Formation Announcements 

My husband, Eric and I have lived on three different continents and in four
different states since we started dating seven years ago. We've had nine different
addresses between us in that time, and we have become pretty good at learning how
to get around new places. Our secret is the GPS app called Waze. We plug an
address into our phone, and we let it boss us around until we get to where we need
to be. We love exploring new towns and cities, and most of the time we don't mind
getting lost, but there is no way we could have lived in as many places as we have
without it!

Since I started working at OSLC, I have relied heavily both on Waze (and on
Trudy who kindly draws me maps and tells me how to get to where I need to go).
Because I don't actually live in the Sandhills, it has taken me longer to get my
bearings and get a sense of where things are. Other than those annoying times
when I miss a street, and Waze announces (over and over again) to "make the next
legal u-turn," I have been so thankful for this app on my phone, and I wonder how
people navigated new places without it.

What I most appreciate about Waze is that it announces, "You have arrived"
whenever I reach my destination. There have been two occasions recently when I
have heard Waze tell me that I'm finally where I'm supposed to be - only for me to
look up, down, and around the street wondering where in the world the place at
which I had "arrived" was hiding.

"You have arrived." There is something so satisfying and even comforting about knowing I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be - even if I'm not sure where I
am yet. I wish sometimes that we all had a Waze app for our trips to worship on Sunday morning each week. What it would mean for us to hear a little voice declaring to us as we pulled into our church parking lot: "You have arrived?" 
You've made it through another week. You're here - exactly where you're supposed to be, exactly where God has promised that God will show up for us and speak to us. You have arrived to a community that - while it falls short all the time, just like all communities do - is a community that cares for each other. 

You have arrived, and God's words of love and grace for you are waiting.

There are probably some Sundays where we all feel like we're looking up and
down the street wondering where in the world we're going. There are other
Sundays when we know exactly where we need to be: in worship with God and with
each other. No matter what kind of Sundays you experience, our hope and prayer is
that whenever you pull into our church parking lot, you hear God whisper to you,

"You have arrived."

Please note the following general updates:

New Sunday Schedule beginning September 17th
9:00 Traditional Worship 
10:15-11:00 Sunday School and Holy Grounds
11:00 Flow Contemporary Worship

One Service Sundays
We will have one worship service at 10am in the sanctuary on September 10,  October 29, and November 19. A potluck will follow each of these services! There  will be no Sunday School on these days.

Children's Sunday School | 10:15 - 11 am 

Ages 3 - Kindergarten
This group will meet in classroom 6. This year, our lessons are based on our gospel stories each Sunday. During our time together, we will also practice for our pre-school choir. We have a fun line-up of teachers who are excited to play, sing and learn with you!

1st - 5th graders
This class will meet in classroom 7. This class will also be learning about the gospel stories each Sunday. Our lesson plans include crafts, games and songs. Your teachers are looking forward to learning more about God with you!

Children's Choir

Wednesdays from 5:15 - 6 pm

Children's Choir will meet on Wednesdays from  5:15pm - 6:00pm  beginning  September 6th . They will be singing in worship on the second  Sunday  of every month and on special holidays throughout the church year.  All 1st thru 5th graders are welcome to join! 

Contact Chris Colon at  chris.colon.piano@gmail.com  for more information.
Milestone: Bible Gifts
On September 17th, we gift our 3 years olds, 3rd graders and 6th graders with Bibles.  Please mark your calendars for this important milestone!
Youth Group for 4th - 5th graders
When:  Second Sunday of the month from 2 to 4 pm
September 10
October 8
November 12
December 10

Where:  Youth Room
Welcome your (amazing) new leaders:  Karen Margolis & Lynne Antil

You have a brand new youth group to be a part of!  The plans  for this group are exciting, and we love that you all will get to spend time playing  and praying together before you start confirmation in a couple of years.  We can't wait for you to join us!


Youth Sunday School is combined with our Adult study. See below!

Confirmation Classes for  6th, 7th & 8th Graders
When:  Twice a month on Sunday evenings from 5 - 6:30 pm
Where:  Classroom One

This fall we are talking about all things Lutheran - Martin Luther, the Small Catechism, synods and what it means for us to be Lutheran!  We   can't wait to spend time together and to learn more with you. 

Special Dates: We have a lock-in planned for November 3-4 to dive into studies of the Lord's Prayer, and we have invited the confirmation kids from St James in Fayetteville to join. We'll wrap up the fall together with a Christmas party, and your whole families are invited. 

Letters have been mailed to the homes of our confirmands with our schedule. If you did not receive one, contact Pastor Meghan at pastormeghan@oslcsp.org
High School Youth Group

Dinner included. This fall, we are re-starting OSLC's high school youth ministry. We are looking forward to spending time together and see  how this group grows!

When: 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month from 5 - 7 pm
September 17
October 1
October 15
November 5
November 19
Dec 3
December 17 (Christmas Party!)

Where:  Youth Wing

Welcome your New (fearless) Leaders: Evan Clayton & Rachel Drew

Adult Sunday School | 10:15 am in the Youth Wing ADULTSTUDY

In celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, all adults, middle and high school youth are invited to join us for a studies of the Reformation and the man that started it all:

The Moment
We'll take a deeper look into the traditions of the Medieval Church that eventually sparked the Protestant Reformation.
When: Sept. 17 - Oct. 1 (3 weeks)

The Man
Focusing on the life of Martin Luther, we will learn more about his resolute conviction and steadfast faith as he courageously stood against unbiblical teaching and sounded the call of salvation by grace through faith.
When Oct. 8 - Oct. 22 (3 weeks)

Welcome your leaders: Patty Peeples, Peggy Benson & Tracy Metcalf
Adult Faith Formation

Wednesday Bible Study Begins Sept. 20
3:30 - 5 p.m. in the church Library

Pastor Linn and Lee Grant will be leading an 12 week  Focus on the Family Bible study called "The Truth Project"  beginning September 20. Join us for a fun, faithful  conversation on truth!

Contact: Pastor Linn at pastorlinn@oslcsp.org
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Bible and a Beer
One Tuesday a month (Sept. 12, Oct. 10, Nov 7, Dec 12) at 7 pm
Locations are TBA

This group meets once a month at a local brewery.   They will examine current events and  interesting issues from a Biblical point of view. All are welcome, no preparation is
needed, and there is no homework! (You don't even have to drink beer to come!)

Contact: Peter Benson at spswedes230@gmail.com
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Women of Faith Bible Study will meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7pm in  the library. Each month, our Bible Study comes from WELCA's The Gathering
Magazine. All women of OSLC are invited to attend. 

Contact: Trudy Blake at tblake@oslcsp.org
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Ruth Circle meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 10am in Classrooms 1
and 2. Each month, our Bible Study comes from WELCA's The Gathering Magazine.
All women of OSLC are invited to attend. 

Contact: Jen Lilyquist at jenlily6802@hotmail.com
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Every Man A Warrior  is a discipleship Bible study that "Helps Men Succeed in
Life".  It deals with the battles that men fight every day and how God has solutions. 
It teaches men how to apply Biblical truth in the areas of: Money, Marriage, Raising
Children, Sex, Work, Hard Times and How to Make Your Life Count. This is a new
Bible study led by Travis Alfrey and David Yoder. This group will meet on Sundays
beginning October 1st from 3:00-4:30, location TBA. It is for men only, and there is a
small fee for materials.
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