On March 22nd and 23rd, The School of Hospitality Administration at Boston University hosted the SHA Leadership Summit: a two day symposium designed to equip female students with the skills, knowledge, perspectives, and actions required to empower their choices and become successful leaders in the hospitality industry. A combination of keynote addresses, hands-on workshops and distinguished panels fostered an environment of self-discovery, authentic engagement, and thoughtful dialogue around the challenges of navigating gender in the workplace. Below are articles discussing the Summit with highlights and reflections on the weekend. We hope you enjoy this special issue of the BHR.
Special Edition: The SHA Leadership Summit
The Dean of the School of Hospitality Administration reflects on the SHA Leadership Summit.  Read more.
Nearly 80% of SHA's students are female, so SLS was designed to inspire these young women by bringing in female role models with diverse backgrounds, experiences and industry positions.This article takes a look at what needs to be done by men and women alike to empower women in an often male-dominated industry. Read more.
The keynote speakers at SLS included a hotel executive raised in war-torn Beirut and another from South Central Los Angeles, a reality TV star from Brooklyn and a Cuban-American chef from Miami. All four offered both inspiration and practical tips to help the young women and men of SHA succeed in their future careers, as well as navigate gender issuesRead more.

The Summit had diverse panels aimed to create a discussion about the realities and challenges of the shift between student life and post-graduation.  Read more.
The SHA Leadership Summit offered three interactive workshops for the female students. These lessons instructed these young women on practical skills for succeeding in the workplace, with role-playing and other exercises to help them get better at conversation, negotiation and managing workplace relationships.    Read more.
Eden McColl (SHA '21) provides insight on the most resonating moments of the SHA Leadership Summit.   Read more.
Eric Ieong (SHA '19) and Marut Raval (SHA '20)

Eric Ieong (SHA '19) and Marut Raval (SHA '20) share their insights about the impact of SHA Leadership Summit from a male perspective.    Read more.
Chavisa ("Vi") Ramyarupa (SHA '16, MMH '19) narrates her experience serving on the Summit's planning committee, and shares some of the most rewarding aspects of her contributions and key takeaways from the Summit.    Read more.
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