Please check to see if you contributed!

Can't remember if you contributed to the Pass The Hat Fundraiser mentioned above, or want to double check? Simply go to " My Account" on the PTA website. Go to your Order History and click on the "plus sign" under ITEMS to expand it. There you will see whether or not your remembered to contribute the suggested annual donation/per child. We can also check for you!  Thank you. 

We are already halfway through the year! Let's take a look at all we've accomplished thus far:

We welcomed 635 students and their families back to school with Dog Day, had coffee at the flag pole and fun at food truck night.  Room parents, Art Docents and volunteers have created wonderful memories at Halloween parties, through monthly art work lessons and weekly afterschool enrichment programs. Fourth graders earned an extra lunch recess by collecting the most BoxTops! 100 people gathered in the gym for movie night and laughed at the Smurfs. The membership learned about Emergency Preparedness and math strategies at the October General Membership meeting and teachers enjoyed a delicious luncheon to celebrate their birthdays.  To round out the events and programs, we attended the Legislative Assembly in Olympia, celebrated at least nine different countries and several live performances at Heritage Night and viewed art work from 44 Reflections entries!

All of this PLUS, membership approved teacher grants! Lots of teacher grants.
This is no small feat for just 400 members and meeting less than 80% of our fundraising goal.
You should be very proud as a parent and for the opportunities yet to come! While some of you volunteer in the lunchroom, others assist with spelling tests or donating time in the library, on Paw Patrol or seated on the PTA Board; there truly is a place for everyone. We are very thankful for your support in your child's elementary school experience and we hope you find a way to be involved in whatever capacity you can contribute going forward.
The role of PTA President has been rewarding for many reasons and I can't wait for the next 90 days to make a difference, advocate for the betterment of student education and grow our community engagement. There is work to be done, funds to raise and fun to be had. I hope you will join me. We need you. The soonest opportunity is at our General Membership Meeting, January 18th.
Rockwell PTA President
*This Week*This Week*This Thursday*

7pm Thursday, January 18th in the Library

We invite you to attend the General Membership Meeting to be part of the process! 

In addition to PTA business and the Principal's updates:
This meeting will include two different parent education topics based on how parents can share power in partnership with teachers and students:
  • New Writing Curriculum - Presented by Gena Thome, 2nd grade teacher/Member of LWSD Curriculum Development Team, will share information on how parents can support their child's writing at home. She will also provide insight on the workshop model of teaching writing.
  • An Overview of Emotion Management: Helping your child handle those big, strong feelings. Presented by our school counselor, Mrs. Bauer. The presentation will provide tips on how to help your child recognize when they are having strong emotions and how to use a four-step process to help kids calm down.  As an added feature, Mrs. Bauer will include ways for parents to model emotion management at home.
Despicable Me 3

DATE/TIME:  Friday January 19th, 6pm - 8:30pm
ADMISSION:  Free (Concession items will be sold)

*Parental Guidance/Attendance is required. Join us in the gym for relaxing, family fun. Bring pillows or blankets (but no chairs). 

Movie Night Chairs

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