Ohio Family and Consumer Sciences
March 20, 2015
Registration is open

FCCLA State Registration is now open.  We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused you.  For Non-Competitors, we only need a total number of students and no names.  Registration will close April 1, 2015.  Attached is a tutorial with step by step instructions.

IMPORTANT Additional Gold Qualifier information

All State Qualifiers that were announced at Regional Competition are pre-populated in the registration system.  To qualify as an additional State Qualifier, you must have received a Gold rating but not announced as a State Qualifier.  Please complete the attachment with your students on the spreadsheet and email to Ohiofccla@education.ohio.gov - Subject Line:  Gold Qualifiers by April 1, 2015.  If this form is not submitted by April 1, 2015, you will not be a State Qualifier.


* Attention Ohio CDE - Due to a glitch in the system everyone in the following Events will NOT SHOW UP on registration and must complete the above attachment:

  • Culinary Arts Meeting Event Set Up
  • Culinary Team
  • Garde Manger Tray
  • Language and Literacy Development
  • Pastry Arts Cake and Pastry Tray
  • Specific Task Assessment Kit


  No State Qualifiers were able to be in the system. 

Lead Consultant
If you signed up as a Lead Consultant with Mary Jo Kohl she will contact you on Monday, March 23, 2015 with more details.
If you have judges for any Career Development Events, please complete the attachment and send to OhioFCCLA@education.ohio.gov by April 3, 2015- Subject line:  CDE Judges. 
 Student Assistant

If you have a Non-Competitor (Student only) that wants to be a Student Assistant, please complete the attachment and send to Ohiofccla@education.ohio.gov -Subject Line : Student Assistant.  Students will be notified by April 13, 2015 of their 2 hour shift.

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