Message from President & CEO Ingrid Jarrett
Province Announces Restricted Entry to Places for
Those Who are Unvaccinated
Dear Accommodation Community & Stakeholders,

Today at 1pm, Premier John Horgan; Adrian Dix, Minister of Health; and Dr. Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Officer, announced a proof of vaccinated program called that 'BC Vaccination Card' that will restrict unvaccinated individuals from entry into a variety of businesses, recreational activities, and events.

Individuals will be required to show proof of vaccination upon entry to the following:
  • indoor ticketed sporting events;
  • indoor concerts;
  • indoor theatre, dance and symphony events;
  • restaurants (indoor and patio dining - hotel restaurants included);
  • night clubs;
  • casinos;
  • movie theatres;
  • fitness centres/gyms (excluding youth recreational sport);
  • businesses offering indoor high-intensity group exercise activities;
  • organized indoor events (such as weddings, parties, conferences, meetings, workshops); and
  • discretionary organized indoor group recreational classes and activities.

Requirements will not apply to places that include grocery stores, pharmacies and stores, places of worship, or offices.

Immunization as a condition of employment has been discussed by government, though it will be left to operators and be done in the context of your own business. Individual businesses and event organizers may implement restrictions earlier and may choose to adopt their own proof of vaccination policies.

  • Note that local health authorities experiencing a surge in cases may choose to implement some of these restrictions earlier than the below dates.
  • September 13 | individuals will be required to show proof of partial vaccination
  • October 24 | individuals will be required to show proof of full vaccination, with second dose received at least seven days prior
  • January 31 | the expiration for the restrictions; at that time, the program will be revaluated and it will be determined if an extension through to Spring 2022 is needed

Over the coming weeks, and prior to the Labour Day long weekend, the province will release further details on a confidential proof of vaccination system.
  • Individuals will be able to confidentially access their proof of vaccination through a secure website. A weblink will be provided and publicized widely before Sept. 13. To access proof of vaccination an individual will need:
  • name
  • date of birth
  • personal health number (PHN)
  • Individuals will be able to save a copy of their proof of vaccination to their phone to show when entering or using designated businesses and events.
  • A second, secure option will be provided for people who cannot access their proof of vaccination online through a call-in centre (call centre details to be made public in coming days).
  • Individuals will show proof of vaccination in the settings listed in the PHO order, alongside valid government ID.
  • Businesses will be required to look for a vaccine card, similar to checking ID at a bar or liquor store. Businesses will not be collecting our storing information.

  • Children under 12:
  • The only group of individuals who will not be required to show proof of vaccination are children under the age of 12 who are not currently eligible to be immunized.
  • Individuals with medical issues
  • Individuals who are unable to be vaccinated due to medical reasons will not be exempt. Dr. Bonnie Henry stressed that these cases are very rare and that individuals impacted should not be attending these types of social events and interactions already.
  • Out of province travellers
  • Those travelling from outside of BC will also be required to show proof of vaccination. The government will be releasing further details on what this system will look like. For international visitors, the provincial government is working with the federal government to show proof of vaccination via the ArriveCAN app, currently required for entry into Canada.
  • Implementation for schools
  • The measures set out above do not apply to K-12 schools (public and independent) and before-and-after school programs for students. Student-only events and activities within K-to-12 public and independent schools and before and after school programs are excluded from providing a proof of vaccine as they will be covered by specific guidelines for school and child care settings. Guidance for these settings related to students will be provided in the coming days. The measures do apply to large indoor events (theatre, concerts) attended by parents, family and/or the public. 
  • The measures set out above will, as relevant, apply to post-secondary campuses. Student housing will be a part of the public health order identifying where proof of vaccination is required and will be in effect for Sept. 7. Further guidance for these settings related to students will be developed in the coming days in consultation with public health, including which types of student housing facilities will be included.

While 82.3% of eligible British Columbians have received at least one vaccine, a surge in cases are being driven by unvaccinated individuals. Unvaccinated individuals are ten times more likely to get infected and have a serious illness. It is important that we each do our due diligence to our tourism and hospitality community by receiving both doses of the vaccine.
Please see below for information on where to get vaccinated: 

During the conference, the point of enforcement was brought forward with the province acknowledging that this will be a difficult period for businesses as the role of enforcement once again falls on the shoulders of our operators. As it is a Public Health Order, the government does have the ability to support businesses with bi-law officers and environmental health officers.


There is no doubt that the introduction of the 'BC Vaccination Card' will be met with contention from individuals across our province, making the act of enforcement particularly challenging for businesses and their employees. While our industry has been tested over the past 19+ months in ways we could have never imagined, this will once again be another difficult chapter for our sector.

However, it is ultimately a necessary one. Without measures such as this, our industry could risk significant losses and continued closures, particularly as we face the highly-contagious Delta variant while entering respiratory season. We are on the cusp of a fourth wave that could wreak havoc on our industry. Businesses need certainty and predictability to recover and thrive, especially at a time when they need to keep employees, customers, and patrons safe while rebuilding consumer confidence and restoring business.

Over recent months, we heard from you, our industry, loud and clear that a proof of vaccination program would be needed to help protect employees and businesses given the uncertainty of a potential fourth wave. We listened to you and submitted a request for a proof of vaccination program to Premier Horgan that also requested businesses NOT be held accountable to enforce restrictions. You can access the submission here.

Please know that we will be working with our industry partners and government officials over the coming weeks to ensure that your businesses and colleagues can have the confidence needed to navigate these unchartered waters. For our tourism and hospitality community, the impact that vaccinations will have on our industry is immeasurable and it is the most important step needed to ensure our recovery.

Kind regards,

Ingrid Jarrett
President and CEO
British Columbia Hotel Association