The Global Fund for Forgotten People
500th Grant Award
Over one million lives touched by one mission of service
The Global Fund for Forgotten People:
Over 500 grants awarded to works of the Order of Malta
Since 2012, the Fund has awarded 505 grants to entities of the Order of Malta caring for those in need in 88 countries, impacting more than one million lives.

These works are a kaleidoscope of hope and service. Large and small, giving healthcare, shelter, nourishment or education, they are united in their heart for those in need.
They call the Forgotten by name, restoring dignity, bringing hope and sustenance.

We want to thank you, our partners and supporters, for making this possible.
We look forward to partnering with you for our next 500 grants.
"The work of the Global Fund for Forgotten People is more important than ever.
Thank you for all that you are doing to alleviate the pain of people in need."

Fra' Marco Luzzago
Lieutenant of the Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of Malta
505 Grants: The Global Impact
Our grants have changed lives in 88 countries and supported 75 Order entities.
One in three have innovated new areas of Order work.
Our grants have provided food and shelter for over 90,000 homeless people.
They have helped over 10,000 refugees and migrants integrate into new communities and provided healthcare for over 350,000 mothers and babies
in places where medical access is scarce.

For thousands more facing incarceration, sickness, old age and exclusion, these grants have provided a vital lifeline of practical support, community and unconditional love.

Marvin and Annika are two of these people.
Marvin is a young adult living with a disability
Marvin attended the Order of Malta's Asia Pacific Youth Camp in Hong Kong, which organises activities like climbing, hiking and day trips to give young people with disabilities a chance to relax and build confidence.

“I never want to forget this camp.
I made so many friends from all around the world, and took part in activities I had never tried before, like sailing. The week was filled with joy and laughter. I enjoyed every moment!”

Our grants have helped over 150,000 people with disabilities build confidence and motor skills.
Annika is a pensioner living alone in Russia
Annika lives alone in St Petersburg. She has no contact with her family, and struggles to afford basic needs with her state pension. The Order's soup kitchen provides her regular hot meals and community.

“What does the Order’s soup kitchen mean to me? It’s a breath of air; it’s a ray of light, a star in the sky. Sometimes I’m running late, desperate to reach them. They always say, "Even if the doors are closed, just call us, we will open up, everything is waiting for you."”

Our grants have helped over 75,000 elderly people access regular health checks, hot meals and friendship.
As well as providing financial support to develop and maintain Order works around the world, the Fund collaborates with grantees to stay up to date with developments on the ground and gathers reporting to show donors the impact of their support.
“The grants we have received from the Fund have made a huge impact, but the partnership brings so much more.
They help us learn from the experience of other Order of Malta programmes.” 

HE Dr Juan Tomás O’Naghten y Chacón President of the Cuban Association
Faces of the Fund
Lisa Sanchez-Corea Simpson, Founder and Chief Executive
“Wherever a donor wishes to help, the Order is likely already there, serving with dedication and love."

The Global Fund for Forgotten People was established by the government of the Order of Malta in 2012 to raise support and awareness for the worldwide work.

As the Fund approaches its tenth year, we spoke with Founder and Chief Executive Lisa Sanchez-Corea Simpson about how one of the Order's most recent initiatives has developed. Read about it here.
We Need Your Help
Our Next 500 Grants
We are so grateful to our generous supporters for helping us reach this milestone.

As long as a single person is lonely or forgotten, we will work to support the Order of Malta's response.

Please consider donating today and help us begin our next 500 grants.
To discuss a larger gift, or supporting a specific area of work, contact [email protected].
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