CollaboRATE -- DPS’ all-employee engagement and leader survey -- ended Jan. 17, and a big thank you to everyone who shared their voice and participated! This year, we heard from an impressive 71% of team members who shared their voice and provided feedback about DPS as a whole and about their specific leaders.
Every leader who received five or more feedback responses will receive their CollaboRATE leadership results the afternoon of Thursday, Jan. 30 . Please note that the results will come in an email from "K12 Insights."
Click on the link in the email and use your DPS login information to access the dashboard. Once in the dashboard, please use the upper-left dropdown to access both your engagement and leader results. In your leader results, filter by "relationship" to see your responses from your current direct reports. You will find screen shots on the dashboard to help navigate your reports.
Sharing your engagement and leader results with your team is highly encouraged. To support, the CollaboRATE Thrive Guide can be found in your dashboard or on .
If you have questions, please contact your HR partner or the CollaboRATE team at .
Thank you for taking the time to review and reflect on this valuable feedback.