Today we are sharing this week’s most frequently asked questions regarding DPS' central office restructure, as well as new resources to help support your teams.

Here are the top questions we heard last week:
  • What are the new regional alignments, who are the leaders and when are these changes effective? The 2019-20 Regional Networks and Regional Leadership Teams can be found here. A memo with information about the new leaders and timing can be found here.

  • When will the remaining positions announced be posted? ​Positions will continue to be posted through April. You can check this google sheet to see what positions are currently posted. 

  • Where do I direct my staff if they have questions about the recent changes or applying for new roles? Please direct all questions or feedback to

  • When will teams physically move seats at EGC? As we shared on March 18, teams will not move seats until this summer. We will share more information as we get closer. As a reminder, departments do not "own" workstations or offices. Seating changes should not be made before given approval. Planning, Design and Construction will use data from our February assessment of who is assigned to which seat/office as the basis for determining future moves.

This week, we introduced a new section focused on Building Teams Through Trust and Relationships on the Moving Forward Together website for central leaders. We encourage you to use these resources to assess the needs of your team and use the team building activities. 

In addition, continue to use the following sections to support your team:

  • Encourage team members to sign up for upcoming DPS Skills classes to support their personal and professional development.