We encourage leaders to offer meaningful, consistent support to their teams as we navigate through this time of change together.

Each Monday during the month of March, we will be sharing resources as well as answers to some of our most frequently asked questions to support you and your team during this transition.

Here are the top 3 questions we heard last week:
  • Where can we find a copy of the webinar from March 1 and the new organizational chart? The webinar can be found here and the organizational chart can be found here. Additional levels of the organizational charts will be shared later this spring, which will include the functions and positions under each team. Visit the Our Shared Vision page on The Commons for more updates and resources.

  • What is the timeline and process on hiring for all positions posted? Hiring for most positions should be completed by the end of March. The hiring process for some positions will continue through April and possibly longer. We are working to make a timeline for position postings and hiring available to all potential applicants. Check this google sheet to see what positions are currently posted. 

  • When will the remaining positions announced will be posted? Positions will continue to be posted through March and possibly through the start of April. You can check this google sheet to see what positions are currently posted. 

Additionally, we will provide suggested areas of support from the Moving Forward Together website for central leaders for you and your team.

This week, we recommend you:

  • Encourage team members to sign up for upcoming DPS Skills classes focused on change management and self-care.