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Oct. 13, 2020
Updates on Central Office Supports in Schools

Dear Central Office Leaders, 

This morning, we shared this message with Central Office team members to help address the critical staffing shortages we’re facing in our schools and share the update that all Central Office team members will be asked to support one school, one day a week. Thank you for your help in sharing this message and supporting this request, which SLT has made to put Students First and support Equity across DPS.

With this request, we aim to provide as much predictability and sustainability as possible, and are asking each Central Office team member to share preferences that will work for them through a survey. 

Please ensure all members of your team have received this message, and remind them to fill out their preferences in this survey by 8 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 14. 


Please also forward the Central Office Town Hall with Senior Leadership Team meeting invitation (happening at 10 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 14) to your team to make sure everyone receives it. 

We have heard some questions about who should fill out the survey and how to complete it. Please review these answers and resources to support your team: 

  • What if a member of my team didn’t receive this memo? Are they still expected to support in this way? Any team member who is considered Central Office (who does not work full time at a school) should complete the survey. Please ensure every member of your team who is considered Central Office receives this update.

  • Should those with an accommodation fill out the survey? Will they be expected to support? Yes, team members who have an accommodation should still fill out the survey. Employees with approved accommodations will not be asked to support schools in person. Those employees with approved remote accommodations will be supporting schools remotely one day a week.

  • Should those in a critical infrastructure role fill out the survey? All central staff, even with those identified as part of critical infrastructure, need to complete the survey. We want to have this data for all staff should staff become available to support schools later on.

  • What if a team member’s preferred school is missing from the drop down in the survey? Central Office employees will be assigned to one school in DPS to help in person. Wherever possible, we will consider employees' school preferences. In addition we are trying to prioritize elementary schools. Each employee will get to rank preferences for a total of three schools in the survey: Choice 1 - elementary or K-8; Choice 2 - elementary or K-8; Choice 3 - middle or high school. 

  • When and how will I learn about my assignment? School assignments will be shared this Friday, Oct. 16, via email. We will share more details about what to expect when supporting our schools at tomorrow’s webinar and follow up communications.

  • How can team members learn more? Please remind your team to join the Central Office webinar tomorrow from 10-11 a.m. All Central Office team members should have received a calendar invite from the Superintendent, which will be updated with the link once it’s available. Please forward that meeting invite to your team to ensure they received it. 

Thank you for your support during these unprecedented times. We know your team members may have questions and concerns, and we hope to address these tomorrow during the webinar as best we can. If you have specific questions, please speak to your supervisor or email
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