Special Edition Newsletter:

A Brief Guide to Permits in Whitefish Bay
From small updates to large additions, many home projects require permits in Whitefish Bay. Though often seen as just an additional project cost, they are beneficial for everyone involved. Permits and inspections help protect the housing stock, the commercial buildings, and the infrastructure in Whitefish Bay. Permits also help ensure that the work being done meets the health and safety standards set adopted by the Village Board and allow the Village to keep a record of the work that has been done on the property.

Planning a home renovation project in 2022? Below is a list of frequently asked questions to help you navigate the permit process in Whitefish Bay.

What projects require permits in Whitefish Bay? Many projects require a permit—or multiple permits—in the Village. To see a list of common projects and the permits they require, visit the Village website. If you don’t see your project listed or you have additional questions, you can call the Building Services Department (pictured above) at 414-962-6690 Ext. 111 (M–F, 8:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m.).

Are there any projects that do not require permits? Some projects, including the addition of a chimney liner, a new driveway on the private side only, or new siding on a property, do not require permits. If you are not sure whether a permit is needed or not, contact the Building Services Department before you begin your project.

When should I (or my contractor) obtain the permits needed for my next project?
Permits must be applied for and issued before a project begins. It is recommended that you submit your permit application at least 10 days before you begin your project to allow time for processing. While most permits can be processed much faster than this, it is important that the inspectors have enough time to review the plans.

What should I do if I suspect my contractor has not pulled any permits? Call the Building Services Department, at 414-962-6690 Ext. 111, to see if a permit has been issued. If a permit was not pulled, the Building Services Department will take the appropriate action.

How can I view my property’s permit record? To obtain a copy of your property file, bring a new flash drive (in its original packaging) or purchase a new flash drive from the Building Services counter at Village Hall (5300 N Marlborough Dr., Whitefish Bay, WI). They will download the files onto the flash drive for you to take with you.

I pulled the appropriate permits and completed my project. What comes next? When your project is complete, the homeowner or contractor will need to set up an inspection with the Building Services Department at 414-962-6690 ext. 111.

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