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March 2022

From the Director's Desk

Whether Entrepreneurship or Consumer Purchasing, Women Have Power!

The Office of Diversity in Business Practices is honoring and celebrating some of the talented, courageous, and brilliant women that work tirelessly at the School District of Palm Beach County.  As we all know, women have taken on new or expanded rules since COVID struck two years ago, while continuing to show up and show out at work. Bravo not only to the women of our school district, but to all women who have faced unbelievable challenges during the last two years.  We may be emotionally drained, physically exhausted, and weary, but we made it through.  We survived! Read More

Honoring and Celebrating Female Leaders at the School District of Palm Beach County

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In the News

Netflix's 2021 Inclusion Update Reveals More Than Half of its Global Workforce is Female

In a blog post penned by the vice president of inclusion strategy Vernā Myers, the streamer revealed that for the first time since it began reporting the numbers in 2017, the majority (51.7%) of its worldwide workforce of 10,000 (up from 8,000 in 2020) are women. Similar proportions exist for women occupying director titles and above (51.1%) and those working in creative and corporate capacities (59.5%). Only in the technical departments are women a minority (37%), although they increased their share of representation in all these categories. Read More

Here's how a male ally in the workplace benefits women

An ally’s presence boosted women’s sense of belonging in a group and feelings of trust that they’d be treated fairly by the group. If a male ally was present, women were far more likely to say they’d feel valued and respected by colleagues, per MarketWatch. Read More

How Female Hispanic Business Owners Are Fueling the Economy

Latina-owned small businesses are the fastest-growing segment of the business community in the United States, playing a key role in fueling the nation's economy. How do they do it? With perseverance, education, and a lot of guts. Read More

In Her Own Words: Tammy Williams beats the odds as a Black, female baby Boomer

Tammy Williams testifies before Congress, stating, “Capital is the lifeline of business.”

“For every $1.00 raised by men at an early stage, women raise an average of $0.38. Black women raise just $0.02,” I went on to say. “For the average male, seed funding means a team, an operating budget and cushion for a pivot or two before finding the elusive product market fit. For the average woman, it likely means an outsourced team, an office in the local coffee shop and an idea that can slowly die on the vine due to limited resources.” This needs to change. Read More

The research is clear: entrepreneurship equalizes. It helps to unlock growth and build wealth for Black women.

Goldman Sachs is offering a free 12-week business education program.  Applications are open and are due on March 15, 2022.  Through the One Million Black Women: Black in Business, participants will learn how to better understand their finances, hire their first employee, price their products or services, and much more – at no cost to the business owner. Read More

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