Special Edition Oak Hills Newsletter
The Run Club in the Acorn
The Oak Hills Run Club 

Our young runners were in The Acorn last week! Click the link below to check out their picture and the article.

New Keyboards in the Music Room
We are so excited to see the keyboard lab come to life at Oak Hills!
We are delighted that our children will have the chance to get hands on experience with the new keyboards and expand on our Oak Hills musical education program. 

3rd Grade - Fraction Museum
3rd Grade

Third graders participated in a Fraction Museum. Each child brought in his/her own display of fractions in the world. Then students were able to solve one another's word problems. Third graders learned that fractions can be so much fun!

Abilities Awareness


1st Grade Art with Ms. Melanie 


4th Grade Art with Ms. Melanie and Science


Kindergarten Field Trip to the Dentist

4th Grade Reading w/ Little Buddies and Pancake Breakfast

2nd Grade Leonis Adobe Field Trip

3rd Grade Field Trip with the Symphony

We Need Your Pictures
The Oak Hills Special Edition comes out monthly.  If you have any pictures on campus, from field trips or other school events, please submit them to the OakHillsPTA@gmail.com.  We would be happy to include them in our monthly Special Edition.

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