We are happy to announce the launch of the PREP © online module !

What is PREP?

PREP is an evidence-based intervention that encourages and empowers children, youth and adults with disabilities to participate in any activity they choose, whether at home, school, work or in the community. The PREP intervention focuses on changing the environment (including physical, social, attitudinal and institutional elements) to meet the person’s abilities and needs, and on building capacity through coaching.

What is included in the PREP online module?
Videos that explain the PREP intervention approach and show therapists using it with clients!
Detailed scenarios that walk you through each of the intervention steps for actual participation goals.
Easy-to-download forms to guide your assessment and intervention, plus examples of environmental modifications!
PREP in Practice!
PREP guides therapists on ways to change the environment to increase community participation and inclusion. Both service providers   (Anaby et al., 2015) and the parents ( Anaby et al., 2017 ) think the approach is positive and promising. Here are some quotes from youth who experienced PREP :

  • “I appreciated having the support and getting the push to try something I’ve been afraid of. I felt safer knowing that I wasn’t going at it solo.”
  • “It was really motivating and encouraging and it helped increase my self-esteem.”
  •  “I definitely recommend [PREP] to other teens.” 

PREP has been successfully tested in Canada, UK and Ireland among the following populations:

  •  Youth with physical disabilities
  • Children and youth with acquired brain injuries
  • Children with history of preterm birth

Who can use PREP?
Designed for OTs, PREP can be used with other clinicians to build a Participation Team!
Managers can explore PREP as a cost-effective model of intervention!
Parents, kids, teachers and coaches can learn how to make participation happen!
What evidence supports PREP?

PREP is effective in enhancing community participation of youth, ages 12 to 18, who are living with physical disabilities. By removing environmental barriers, 34 adolescents successfully took part in the activities they identified, such as shopping with friends, riding a bike and joining a glee club. Youth maintained their level of performance in the activities after the end of the intervention.

Authors : Anaby D , Law M , Feldman D, Majnemer A, Avery L.

This study looked at the impact of PREP on overall participation patterns of youth. Using a time-geography approach, results showed that youth spent less time using digital media and more time doing activities with friends following the PREP intervention. They also spent slightly less time at home on the weekends. This extends the effectiveness of PREP beyond achievement of specific participation goals.

Authors : Anaby D , Vrotsou K, Kroksmark U, Ellegard K.