Republic  Middle  School
       "Looking back with PRIDE, moving foward with INTENT"
Preparing each student for a successful future.
A leader in academic success, dedicated to community priorities.

Perfect Attendance Celebrations

Monday, May 14th: students achieving 100% attendance* for the 2nd semester will be treated to a movie and popcorn.

Tuesday, May 15th: students achieving 100% attendance* for the 17-18 school year will be taking a field trip to Andy B's.

All permission slips have been distributed.
*Perfect attendance is defined as being present for all hours everyday.

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Students-Mark Your Calendar

Monday, May 14th: 
ELA Art Museum Field Trip (8th Grade),  9:00am
100% Attendance for 2nd Semester Party
6th Grade FACS Field Trip to Price Cutter,  7:45-8:30am
Band Concert,  7:00pm

Tuesday, May 15th: 
100% Attendance for the Year Field Trip to Andy B's (all day)
5th Grade Parent Night,  6:00-7:00pm in RMS Auditorium

Wednesday, May 16th: 
6th Grade device turn in (Chromebooks), during Pride.

Thursday, May 17th: 
6th Grade Variety Show,  12:15-2:15 pm in Auditorium
8th Grade device turn in (Chromebooks), during Pride
8th Grade Poetry Slam,  6:00-8:00pm in RMS auditorium

Friday, May 18th: 
7th Grade device turn in (Chromebooks)
8th Grade Promotion Practice,  8:00-11:00am at RHS Auditorium
8th Grade Promotion,  7:00pm at RHS

Monday, May 21st: 
Last Day of School (6th and 7th Grade only), 1/2 day with dismissal at  12:00pm (lunch will be served)

Tuesday, May 29th: 
Summer School begins