March 24, 2020
(During this Season of COVID-19, “The Voice from Church and Main” will arrive to your inbox as a somewhat more frequent communication on the ministry of Oxford Presbyterian Church.)
Growing Strong as Spiritual Redwoods
Standing next to a Redwood tree and gazing up into its canopy stretching as high as 380 feet is truly a wonder to behold. These majestic trees live for centuries. A mature Redwood forest typically includes trees ranging from 500-1000 years old. To support such a towering and resilient tree, one might naturally think that its roots grow deep into the soil below.

Surprisingly however, Redwoods roots are actually very shallow, usually only 5 or 6 feet deep. While they do not grow as deep as we might expect, they certainly grow wide, extending up to 100 feet from the trunk. Not only that, Redwood tree roots intertwine with neighboring trees and sometimes even fuse together with other Redwoods. 

The secret to the Redwood’s longevity is not their stoic isolation. It is the community they create. These sentinels of creation hold each other up through every seasonal adversity and across the centuries of life.
In the ministry of Oxford Presbyterian Church, we deeply believe that we need each other in this body of Christ. From the youngest to the most mature – our roots intertwine across the generations to provide strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.

In this season of adversity due to COVID-19, we wish to share with you several ministry updates.
Worshiping Together in This Season
In light of the fact that the Coronavirus epidemic shows no signs of abating, we will continue to live-stream our Sunday worship services as long as the current emergency persists. This means that we will be observing Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday in very nontraditional ways.

While we are all learning new ways to connect and worship digitally together, and we want to reach out to you personally to help answer any questions you may have about connecting to our worship service. If you are uncertain about connecting to our livestreamed worship service, our greeters would love to help you get it set up so that you can join us on Sunday morning. Please contact the church office, and we will be happy to help.

Also watch for future communications regarding special activities aimed at helping you with your personal and family worship practices during these holy days.  We plan to hold a traditional, celebratory Easter worship service later in the year when it is safe for us to gather to do so.

As we continue to live-stream we will strive to elevate the connection, meaning and inspiration through each worship experience. This Sunday you will have the opportunity to click on links of the hymns to sing along in the worship service. Another option to join in singing the hymns is to contact the church office if you would like a hymnal set aside for you to pick up during office hours.

Remember that you may also request the worship bulletin via email by contacting the church office.

Since the Maundy Thursday worship service will be live-streamed , we will no longer be taking reservations for dinner at the Knolls.

Similarly, we will no longer be taking orders for Easter Lilies. We encourage you to give instead to the other traditional pre-Easter offering which is the Special Music Fund. Gifts to the Special Music Fund may be mailed to the church office or made by clicking here .
Learning Together in This Season
Sunday School
As many of us are socially distancing over the next few weeks, we here at Oxford Presbyterian Church want to continue to find ways to stay connected with our families and children.

During the remainder of Lent, we invite each of our families with children who are Pre-K through 6th grade to pick up a Lenten lessons and activity book and a “Christ is Risen!” lollipop located on the bench located in the portico. Please feel free to stop by the church at your leisure and pick one of these up to share with your children. 

We also encourage you to continue to check e-mail, social media, the Voice, and our newsletter, as we continue to seek creative ways to stay connected with our families and children.
Social Distancing on Us (formerly known as Lunch on Us )
Attention campus students! Bring your lunch from home for a Google Hangout this Sunday at noon. Our discussion topic this month is “How do we avoid internalizing negativity during pandemic?” Please send Pastor Marc your e-mail address this week, so he can add you to the invite!
Serving Together in This Season
The “Network of Care” is a growing list of adults who are ready to provide meals, pick up groceries and medical supplies, and much more. Please contact our church office at 513.523.6364 or email if you have a need, or know of anyone who has a need during the COVID-19 pandemic. The “Network of Care” is ready to help!

Our Deacon’s Lenten Food Drive continues through Palm Sunday, April 5. Protein items are needed and much appreciated as well as personal items such as body wash, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant, feminine hygiene products, laundry detergent and toilet paper. Please call the church office to arrange a time to drop off donations. Monetary donations may be mailed to the church office with the note “Lenten Food Drive” on the memo line of the check.
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