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Dear Shipmates,

     It is with great pleasure we would like to announce that Capt. Sean and Capt. Ben are purchasing the Schooner Heritage.  

photo courtesy of Hilary Nangle/Maine Travel Maven

     They will be aboard for every trip as your hosts and captains.  We will be aboard for several trips next season to help with some of the special trips.  Looking forward to seeing you then or at breakfast.

The new captains/owners plan to continue to operate the vessel in a manner similar to what we are all used to.  It is very nice for us to have them at the wheel.


Hello Shipmates!

     Captains Ben and Sean here!  It is a great honor to be taking over as owners and operators of the Schooner Heritage.

     The loss of the 2020 sailing season was a great upset to everyone, including the schooner. As we all know, she loves to go when the wind blows!  Despite this, the Heritage received her yearly maintenance this spring.  She looks beautiful and ready to sail for the 2021 season!

The winter cover is back on but the paint looks beautiful.

     Over the years, we have built wonderful relationships with you all.  We always love to see you year after year, and look forward to carrying on the traditions of the Heritage that you know so well.

     Many of you have been aboard to see us grow over the years, from learning how to tie a bowline, our first time at the helm, and of course, learning to spell our names with syllables and associations.

photo courtesy of Maya Edwards  

          It seems surreal that we are taking over the schooner.  We know that we have big shoes to fill but we have learned from the best and are confident that we will have many wonderful years sailing the Maine waters with all of you, enjoying great conversations, delicious warm meals from the galley, beautiful sunsets, live music nights, and wind in the sails, charging across the bay.

photo courtesy of Amy Welzenbach   


Capt Sean has lived many places but his favorite and the place he calls home is Maine.  He's been sailing for seven years aboard the Schooner Heritage.  He has also sailed up and down the eastern seaboard aboard the square-topsail schooner Lynx for four years to the Bahamas, Cuba, and Texas on the Gulf Coast.  Sean enjoys playing guitar in his free time, as well as going sailing. He has been cooking professionally since 2000 and is looking forward to both sailing the Heritage, and overseeing the galley operations for years to come.

photo courtesy of Karen Ryan

Capt. Ben Welzenbach was born and raised in the Chicagoland area.  After growing up in an artistic family and studying music in college, he fell in love with the Schooner Heritage and the Coast of Maine after sailing with Capts. Doug & Linda in 2013 as a guest.  He has served as Mate aboard the Heritage for the past seven years.  In addition to sailing and maintaining the schooner's systems, he has been known to pull out his guitar for lively music evenings on deck and plans to continue these traditions for many years.

We're looking forward to hearing from you about a trip next year.  The new schedule will be up on the website by the end of the week.

Wishing you all the best,