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Please ask Senate Majority Leader Gazelka and House Speaker Hortman to increase the education target to at least $515 million to support 3% and 2% on the general education formula.
2019 Legislative Session
Special Edition   
House Passes Education Omnibus Bill  
Late Tuesday evening, the House bill, with over $900 million for E-12 education, passed off the floor on a 78-55 vote. Lawmakers spent 11-hours listening to over 100 amendments -some more contentious than others.

To put things in context, the House Education bill was the first to go to the floor for a vote. The bill, as amended, is now what will move forward to negotiate with the Senate, once their bill passes off the floor later this week or early next week. Conference committees will most likely be announced later this week and begin their work to blend the bills next week.

Some changes in the House bill that were adopted and are moving forward include:
  • Labor Day Start- districts are not be able to start classes prior to Labor Day in 2019 and 2020.
  • Employment - School boards, before making an offer of employment to a person, must request a copy of the person's personnel file from the previous employing district or charter school.
  • World's Best Workforce - The WBWF reporting requirements change to include an understanding of  "civic life" and specific activities are added to the accountability system.   
  • Teacher Pay -A school district must provide adult basic education and early childhood and family education teachers salaries comparable to the salaries of K-12 teachers.
Several amendments were offered, and failed, that sought to keep the current tiered licensure structure in place, or make minimal modifications to the system that was implemented a few months ago.  
MSBA was pleased to see there were no amendments to the New Ulm special education paperwork reduction proposals.
Perhaps the largest piece of the House Education omnibus bill is the 3 percent and 2 percent increase to general education fund formula in the next biennium. House Republicans expressed concerns about where those dollars would come from in their closing arguments.   
Now is still a perfect time to reach out to leadership and ask for a target to support the proposed increases on the general education formula. 

Please send an email or leave a voicemail for:
"Hello, My name is (full name) and I'm a school board member from (school district name). I am calling to ask you to support an education funding target of at least $515 million to support at least 3% and 2% on the formula. Anything short of that would mean (Insert the impact on your school district. Thank you for your time and consideration." 

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The Senate E-12 Education Finance and Policy Omnibus Bill will be heard on the Senate floor sometime this week. Please watch Twitter for an announcement.

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