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September 11, 2020

Special Election

Beginning this Monday, September 14 through Tuesday, September 29, voting will be taking place for the Texas State Senate spot that includes all of Archer, Clay, and Wichita Counties (along with others not in my house district). This race will determine who fills the State Senate seat currently occupied by Pat Fallon. It is tremendously important for the people in these three counties to participate in big numbers in this election to make sure that we are well-represented in the Texas Senate by someone who knows this area when the Legislature convenes in January.

The election is a general election with 5 Republicans and 1 Democrat battling for the seat. If no one gets 50% of the vote, a runoff will be necessary. With the start of session looming in January, I appreciate Governor Abbott so quickly scheduling this special election so that we will have someone representing us in the other chamber from the outset.

Great Guy

I am supporting and have unreservedly endorsed Drew Springer for this position. Drew currently serves as the state representative for HD-68, the district which surrounds the six counties I represent. I have served with Drew in the Texas House for four terms and assure you that he's a hard worker, a true conservative, and understands the unique issues of our district. He will be an effective voice for us in the Senate.

He is a close friend, someone that I trust wholeheartedly, and someone that I firmly believe is best qualified to represent this area on the myriad of issues that will be coming before the Texas Legislature next session. I have included a map of the district below so you will be able to see whether you are in SD30. I would also note that Drew lives 70 miles from Wichita Falls (in Muenster, Texas) as opposed to virtually every other candidate, most of whom are from the metroplex.

Big Favor

I am asking you to vote on Monday or Tuesday of next week for Drew--don't wait. It should take less than 5 minutes of your time as it will be the only election on the ballot. I am also asking you to ask your friends to do the same via text or social media. (I will warn you that if you choose social media, you need to be prepared for the inevitable blowback, false stories, etc. that are sure to follow.)

May God bless you and your family,
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James B. Frank
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