Chasons is Watching
Anticipating Excitement and Exhilarating Atmosphere!
Chasons is hosting "Cheer Nite" and will be showing an exciting Khabib vs McGregor competition on 14 42" HDTV. Chasons is home to Great Seafood, Great Company, Great Service, & Knockout Entertainment.

Saturday, 10/6/18, 6PM
First Come, First Seating
$15 due to limited seating &
High Demand Event. Arrive Early.

Come in and experience what locals have known for years! Feel community and gather in a #TasteofHappiness.

Our Winning Selection
Featuring Our Very Own 1,2 Combo Punch:
Live Dungeness Crab with Fighting Prawns over a Garlic Noodles
8839 Sheldon Rd, Elk Grove, California 95624