Jones vs Gustafsson 2
Chasons is Watching
Anticipating Excitement and Exhilarating Atmosphere!
Chasons is hosting "Cheer Nite" and will be showing an exciting Jones vs Gustafsson 2 competition on 14 42" HDTV. Chasons is home to Great Seafood, Great Company, Great Service, & Knockout Entertainment.

Saturday, 12/29/18, 6PM
First Come, First Seating
$15 due to Limited Seating &
High Demand Event. Arrive Early.

Come in and experience what locals have known for years! Feel community and gather for a #TasteofHappiness.

Our Winning Selections
Featuring Our Very Own 1,2 Combo Punch:
King Crab with our House Sauces
8839 Sheldon Rd, Elk Grove, California 95624