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If you're following or considering ANY special diet for autism, ADHD, or other childhood condition, this announcement is for you! Houston Enzymes is proud to sponsor an Autism Awareness Month speaking tour by Julie Matthews - leading diet and nutrition specialist.
Parents and clinicians who attend will:
  • Learn the scientific connections between diet and symptoms
  • Know how to create a healthy diet for any child
  • Avoid common pitfalls and ensure diet success
  • Make meals that nourish the whole family
  • Help even the pickiest eater expand their diet
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Julie will be speaking in Boston; Delaware; Washington, D.C.; Bethlehem, PA; and New York City.   

Dr. Devin Houston joins Julie in person in Boston and by Skype for the Delaware and Washington, D.C. events. Dr. Houston will be speaking about how enzymes support digestion and the effectiveness of special diets.

Julie Matthew's presentations are grounded in solid science and extensive clinical experience, and presented in an easy to understand manner that inspires hope and action. She's been a DAN! practitioner for ten years, and educates parents and clinicians around the world. You may have seen Julie present at a biomedical autism conference, online webinar, or read one of her many articles in the Autism File Magazine.

Dr. Devin Houston obtained his doctorate in biochemistry from the University of South Alabama College of Medicine. His graduate work centered on enzyme discovery, and subsequent research positions at the University of Virginia and Saint Louis University focused on enzymatic mechanisms in
volved in cellular communication. Dr. Houston followed his academic career with several years of research and development in enzyme manufacturing, prior to starting his own companies, Houston Nutraceuticals, Inc., and Houston Enzymes. Dr. Houston invented the first enzyme products for those with autism. 

Dr. Martha Herbert, pediatric neurologist and author of the new book "The Autism Revolution," will give a one-hour keynote address in Boston.

Dr. Kurt Woeller joins Julie and Dr. Houston (via Skype) on this tour as well. Dr. Woeller's been a complementary medicine physician and biomedical autism specialist since 1998.  


Join us in:  
Boston - April 15th: Julie, Dr. Houston, and Dr. Herbert; live.
Washington, D.C. - April 21st: Julie, live and Dr. Houston by Skype.
Delaware - April 22nd: Julie, live and Dr. Houston by Skype.
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania - April 23rd: Julie, live. Participants will receive an audio of Dr. Houston's presentation.  
New York City - April 24th: Julie, live. Participants will receive an audio of Dr. Houston's presentation.   


To learn more and register visit:
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