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Are you a member with us? Get discounts on our events, workshops, and gifts as well as special member previews to new exhibits and projects! Our Amazing Pollinators Member Preview is June 18th from 9am-11am and will feature an early viewing, a craft, and special talks.

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VIP Living Exhibits Tour 


Join us for our first VIP Living Exhibits Tour this Sunday! James Weinpress, Senior Director, Living Exhibits  shares his knowledge of animal behavior, management, and care of the museum’s diverse population. Possible topics covered are venomous snakes, our alligator, Sarge, the bobcat, a deep sea isopod, jellyfish, lined seahorses, red wolves, the Chesapeake Bay Aquarium, and food preparation in the commissary, and more.

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Star Gazing and Laser Nights


Stars, lasers, music, and more! Come look at the stars for FREE and purchase tickets for a laser show or shows of your choice!

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Green Teens Granted $10,000 for Upcoming Project


We would like to take the time to thank Virginia Natural Gas for encouraging a future generation to be proactive in protecting the environment and educating those around them in the process. The Virginia Living Museum's "Green Teens" received a $10,000 grant for their upcoming project:

As a group project during the upcoming 2022-2023 school year, the Green Teens plan on designing and implementing a habitat restoration project focusing on increasing the welfare of the Museum’s outdoor exhibit animals. To improve habitats, they will plant native plant species to provide ground cover, stabilize soil, and prevent erosion from wind and flooding. To accomplish this, the Green Teens will first learn about the natural history and habitats of each animal species through research, which they have already begun. They are currently investigating the current habitat quality for each animal on the Museum’s outdoor trail, including the impacts of weather, erosion and flooding. They will work with the Museum’s animal care and horticulture team to design a more suitable habitat for each animal, selecting appropriate species of the Museum’s native grown plants to help mitigate erosion. Museum staff and the teens together will implement the improvements to each habitat. Over the next year, the Green Teens will help observe the animals and collect data to assess each animal’s interactions with the changes in their habitat. The Green Teens will also help design updated signage that reflects these changes in the animals’ habitats. They will work with the Museum’s exhibits and marketing staff to update current signage for each exhibit and manage its installation. The Green Teens will educate the public about their project through social media outreach.

We look forward to more conservation projects from this amazing team through the help of sponsors like VNG!

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