September 30, 2020 | Issue-2020-43 (Renew)
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In celebration of the 71st anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival which falls on the same day, October 1, this year, the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles presents an online celebration on this auspicious occasion.

U.S local government officials, representatives of local organizations, Chinese community groups, students and enterprises extended festive greetings and congratulations in the event. Local musicians and opera singers also presented cultural performances.

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The past 71 years have seen remarkable achievements in China’s development. “China is now embracing the brilliant prospect of national rejuvenation,” said Consul General Zhang Ping in his National Day video address. “The realization of building a moderately prosperous society in all aspects is in sight.”

Zhang expressed appreciation for the support from friends of all walks of life in the consular district during China’s fight against the COVID-19 epidemic. In mentioning of China’s support and assistance to U.S fight against the pandemic, Zhang expressed the hope that the COVID-19 will be contained in the U.S as soon as possible to minimize its impact on the American people.

Zhang pointed out that the current China-U.S relations are facing grave challenges, and reiterated that the Chinese side is willing to “work with the U.S side to enhance dialogue and communication, properly manage the differences, engage in cooperation, and maintain the steady growth of China-U.S relations. (Click here for full text of Consul General Zhang Ping's address.)