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Attorney Visits 8th Grade Social Studies Class
On Friday, Oct 13th, Marcus E. Coleman, Esq. came and spoke to Ms. Rogers' 8th grade Social Studies classes about his occupation as a Criminal Defense Attorney. Mr. Coleman is a former veteran of the Army, a former middle school history teacher and currently he is a Criminal Defense attorney in the Cincinnati area. Mr. Coleman explained to the student that what is most important to him is his family and doing what he is the most passionate about: Education,   people being treated fairly, and issues of poverty. Mr. Coleman answered many of the student's questions about different aspects of the legal system and even what to do if they are stopped and questioned by the police. Despite many tough questions the students were satisfied with Mr. Coleman's answers and learned a lot in the process.    

Special thanks to Ms. Rogers for inviting Mr. Coleman to come and speak with our student!

Recognizing Ms. Golden-Cole For Veterans Day
 Federal Regulations define a veteran as
"a person who served in the active military, naval, or air service and who was discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable." Meaning a person who has not only fought for our country, but has done so with honor and good character never wavering in any way. With Veteran's Day being tomorrow (Nov. 11th) we would like to take the time to honor our service men and women for all of their sacrifices for the citizens of the United States. We had immense pleasure in celebrating one of our very own Sergeant First Class Gracie Golden Cole, an active reservist in the Untied States Army. She continues to dedicate her time to her children, her students, and most altruistically, her country. We can not be any more happy to have such an honorable person teaching our students and serving our country. 
Thank you so much for your service Mrs. Golden-Cole you are truly our hero! 

I Am My Sister's Keeper: Girl's Lock In
On Friday, October 6, Horizon Science Academy Middle School had our first Girl's Lock-In of the school year. The girls enjoyed a night of fun activities and girl talk. The objective of the Girls Lock-In is for girls to be able to come together and have fun but more importantly to have a place where they can discuss topics that are prevalent to young girls their age. Also the purpose of the mentorship program is for the girls to see how similar they are as opposed to being different. We did various types of exercises/activities that allowed the girls to see how more alike they are than different. We truly had a great night. Looking forward to the next Girls Lock in!

Thank you Ms. Rogers, Mrs. Turner, Mrs. Reddy and Ms. Betsko for putting together such a fun night for our girls!  

Principal's Corner:

Dear Parents and Guardians,

November has arrived quickly!
Parents, guardians, and teachers have an important role in every student's learning process. Helping students to create a plan that supports their success is critical to goal setting. Work with your student to establish time for doing homework, when to go to bed, asking for help when they need it, how to advocate for themselves with teachers, and even eating healthy meals. Students with concrete plans to achieve goals are more likely to do so. Likewise, if a student does fail an assignment or two-even a class-teach them to keep trying until they do succeed. In these cases resilience, self-control, and perseverance are a student and parent's best friends.
First quarter report cards were recently mailed home and serve as an opportunity to officially communicate academic performance to students, parents and guardians.  Report cards mark the end of first quarter, but up to date student information can always be checked on the school database and/or the app (ConceptSIS). 


Concept SIS:Student & Parent Portal!!

As you know Concept Schools launched a new app on IOS and Android in August. The app gives parents easy access to their student grades as well as important school news. If you have not downloaded the app you can download it at any time by searching "Conceptsis" in the appropriate app.
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