A Special Virtual

General Conference

27th February 2024

Delegates vote during the Business Meeting at General Conference.

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Dear People of God:

The process to select MCC’s next Council of Elders is now underway. As you may know, under the UFMCC bylaws, Elders are formalised through a three (3) part process:

  • Appointed by the Moderator
  • Approved by the Governing Board
  • Affirmed by General Conference

This process ensures that the choices of the Moderator are scrutinised by two other bodies, before the Elders who are approved and affirmed come into office. Back in December 2023, we announced that applications to serve as Elder would be open 5th January until midnight GMT 21st January 2024.

Please hold me in prayer and those who have put themselves forward to be considered, as I discern who is called to serve us all at this stage in MCC’s journey. The names of those I wish to appoint will go before the Governing Board on 6th February 2024. You will have the opportunity to meet the Elder appointees in webinars during the week beginning 19th February 2024. The Special General Conference for the votes of affirmation will commence on 27th February 2024 for 24 hours.

God bless,



Reverend Elder Cecilia Eggleston


Metropolitan Community Churches

Special General Conference Agenda:


To affirm the appointment of Elders in accordance with Bylaw Article V:E3 and VIII:5. 


A quorum shall consist of twenty percent (20%) of the number of lay people eligible to vote at General Conference and twenty percent (20%) of the number of licensed credentialed clergy eligible to vote at General Conference.

In accordance with the Bylaws, this is your 30 day advance notice of the virtual Special General Conference. 


Three virtual forums of approximately 90 minutes will be held in which the candidates for Elder will be presented, have the opportunity to speak, and answer some of your questions. Video recordings of the Forums will be made available.

This is the link for all Forums -

The names of the Elder appointees will be announced prior to the Forums We suggest therefore, that lay delegates hold their mandating meetings with their local congregations on the 25th February.

Monday, 19th February, in Portuguese and English 

1pm Hawaii / 3pm Pacific / 5pm Central / 6pm Eastern / 8pm BRT / 11pm GMT / Midnight CEST / 1 am Tuesday SAST / 2am Tuesday EAT / 7am Tuesday PHST / 10am AEDT

Thursday, 22nd February, in Spanish and English 

8am Hawaii / 10am Pacific / 12pm Central / 1pm Eastern / 3pm BRT / 6pm GMT / 7pm CEST / 8pm SAST / 9pm EAT / 2am Friday PHST / 5am Friday AEDT

Saturday, 24th February, English 

3am Hawaii / 5am Pacific / 7am Central / 8am Eastern / 10am BRT / 1pm GMT / 2pm CEST / 3pm SAST / 4pm EAT / 9pm Friday PHST / 12am Sunday AEDT

VOTE of Affirmation (or Not)

Lay delegates and credentialed clergy will need to pre-register to vote for affirmation before Saturday, 24th of February using this link:

The registration link will be made available at the Forums and during that week. The link to vote for affirmation will then be sent out on Monday, 26th February.  

Affirmation Voting (or Not) will open at 8am EST / 1pm GMT on 27th February 2024 and close 24 hours later at 8am EST / 1pm GMT on 28th

February 2024.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The actual link to use to vote will come from Mike Haase. On Monday 26th January, please watch for an email from [email protected]

Affirmation Announcement - 29th February 2024

Virtual global service to install new Council of Elders - 7th March 2024- time to be determined when Elders are appointed

A Prayer for the Selection of Elders
Come Holy Spirit,
Guide and inspire us all in this time of discernment. Bless our Moderator, Cecilia, as she discerns who you have called to serve at such a time as this. Bless all those who have been willing to consider the call to be Elder. May they find their right place to serve your people, through this process. Bless us all, as we seek to do the will of God and follow the example of Jesus. Amen.

Metropolitan Community Churches
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