Special Grants Announcement:
Response to COVID-19
April 2020
Working Together Against the Virus
Amidst the global spread of COVID-19, thousands of Order workers and volunteers are working in a variety of contexts to protect the most vulnerable from infection, need and loneliness.
Thanks to the kindness and generosity of our donors, the Fund has awarded special grants to Order works maintaining their care for the most vulnerable in this crisis. In this newsletter we share details of these inspiring works of the Order.
Healing Body and Mind
Scars left by the COVID-19 pandemic will be psychological, as well as physical. The Italian Relief Service is fighting on two fronts: building two hospitals for critically ill patients in Milan and Civitanova Marche, and establishing a 24-hour telephone and online psychological support system for health workers and civilians.

Two special grants from the Fund have gone towards supporting these initiatives.

Read an interview with the head of the Italian Relief Service's team of psychologists here.
Bringing Food and Hope
The Order in Colombia provides food for migrants and poor families through its 'Mercado de Francisco' programme. Quarantine measures put in place to counter COVID-19 have taken away countless livelihoods, meaning more families need help than ever.
With the help of our donors, the Fund has awarded a special grant to the Colombian Association, reaching 200,000 people with vital food supplies.
See the Mercado de Francisco in action here.
Caring for the Vulnerable
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Order in Poland is expanding their provision of free meals to the poor in Warsaw and Katowice , providing for those otherwise unable to survive. They are also offering emergency transport to those suffering with heart conditions in the face of a public shortage of emergency vehicles

The Fund has awarded a special grant to help the Order in Poland extend their care for the most vulnerable.
Serving Families in Need
The Romanian Relief Service is delivering food to families in need and to high-risk individuals helping them through this crisis.
The Fund awarded a special grant, enabling the relief service to bring the essentials for life to over 800 people.
Like many throughout the world, families in Romania have lost their livelihoods due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and are struggling to feed their children. Meanwhile, elderly and disabled people at high risk of infection stay isolated at home, afraid or prevented from leaving to buy food.
We Need Your Help
Support the Fund
The Global Fund for Forgotten People exists to support works of the Order of Malta caring for society's forgotten - the poor, the sick, the isolated. Those in need, whoever they are and wherever they come from.

But we can only do this with your support. Each grant we give relies on the generosity of our donors. Click here to give your support, or contact Emily to learn more.
Spotlight On...
Reports from the Frontline
"We must go forward, and keep our banner held high. We will surely come out of this stronger".
Dominique, Prince de La Rochefoucauld-Montbel, Grand Hospitaller of the Order of Malta

Order leaders from around the world have gathered virtually to learn about the Order's response to COVID-19 in Italy, Korea, Germany and worldwide at the Global Fund for Forgotten People's 'Reports from the Frontline' e-conference series.

Leaders from the Italian Relief Service, the President of Order of Malta Korea, the Order's Grand Hospitaller and the President of Malteser Hilfsdienst each shared insight on the pandemic in their locations, the Order's response and their hopes for the future.

Recordings of each talk are available on our website here .
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