Cultivating Generosity:
 Touching life with joy
and living in abundance
Saturday December 14th &  
Sunday December 15th
Portland Insight Meditation Center

Frank Leder and Ruth Denison

A day-long retreat & workshop
with Dharma brothers
Frank Leder and Robert Beatty

Robert Beatty and Ruth Denison


Robert and Frank share Ruth Denison as their teacher.  Frank is coming from Germany once again this year to teach at PIMC.


is the founder and guiding teacher of the Portland Insight Meditation Community. He brings 45 years of Buddhist Dharma practice and decades of practice as a therapist to his teaching. Robert is a member of the first wave of lay Theravada Buddhist teachers who brought Buddhism from Asia to America. Robert uses humor, poetry and drumming to teach meditation for everyday life, including intimate relationships, parenting, work, and community. 


from Frankfurt/Germany, is a Massage therapist and instructor, Natural Health Educator, and Founder of the TouchLife Massage method in which mindfulness to the body/conscious touch plays an important role.  

Frank met Ruth Denison as a young man at age nineteen and became her student. He has taught mindfulness meditation since 1993:

Frank is the Author of 'Glücksgriffe - Balance für Körper und Geist mit der TouchLife Massage' and 'Achtsamkeitsmeditation und Wege zur Einsicht'.

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Would you like to experience a TouchLife massage with Frank?  
He will again offer 75 minute treatments Dec. 16th & 17th
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Come Join Us 

Saturday, December 14th,9am-4:30pm

Robert and Frank will be co-leading this day-long retreat. We will use mindfulness meditation to quiet the mind and deepen our practice together.  The teachings, contemplations and sharing will focus on the practice of generosity. We will explore how we can enter that positive and healing state of mind more easily and frequently to bring more joy and abundance into our lives and those we are connected with.

Sunday, December 15th ,10am-12pm
Frank will lead our weekly meditation and Dharma talk 

Sunday, December 15th, 2pm-4pm

In Touch with Life - Frank will lead this two-hour-intensive workshop, dedicated to the healing and heartwarming quality of connecting with each other through the sense of touch. Being a teacher for mindful touch in the field of holistic bodywork over 30 years, Frank will safely guide you through exercises and structures where you can give and receive friendly, positive, respectful and compassionate energy through your hands. We will do that standing, sitting and laying. We will keep our clothing on throughout the workshop. For some it will be very healing. And we will have a lot of fun together, too!
Retreat Details &  
Registration Information:
Saturday December 14th, 9:00am - 4:30pm  (retreat) 
Sunday December 15th, 2:00pm - 4:00pm (workshop) 
(Dharma Hall) @ 6536 SE Duke St. 
Day Long Retreat: $80
In Touch with Life Workshop: $25  
(See registration form for self-determined scholarship. No one is ever turned away from a PIMC event for lack of funds) 
There will be a 1 hour lunch during the retreat. Please bring food and/or drink to share.  Also, please provide a clear listing of ingredients so our friends with diet restrictions can easily be informed.  

Workshop Registration: CLICK HERE