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March 2014   
Hello from the President,

On January 12, 2014, Special Haven had its Grand Re-Opening and it was a amazing day.  There were so many wonderful people that came out to support us including Antioch City Council Member, Monica Wilson and Assemblymember, Jim Frazier, who presented us with a certificate of recognition.  Since that day, we have seen a steady number of children and adults visit our room with several family members coming in on a weekly basis.  We have also held three training sessions and have certified over 30 people to use the room. 

We continue to look for ways to improve the multi-sensory room and we currently have our eye on getting a portable hoist to help children with limited mobility to get around the room so they can use all the features that the room has to offer.  We are also hoping to add  items like weighted blankets, an interactive LED light panel, and a sound wall.

In order to keep this service free for everyone and to continue to expand, we depend on your generous donations and your support of our fundraising events.  In fact, our next big fundraiser is the Special Haven Beerfest, on Saturday, May 17th from noon to 4pm at Schooner's Grille & Brewery.  Please see the article below for more information.  We also have several wonderful groups that put on events locally and donate the proceeds to us.  Please see the article about the dinner and dance event for young adults with special needs below.  Thank you all for your continued support.

Vicky Dunn 
Special Haven Logo
Multi-Sensory Room Training
by: Ana Chuey

Did you know that, "The average person touches 300 different surfaces every 30 minutes?"

Did you know that, "The average person with a profound disability will likely touch 1 - 5 surfaces in the same time frame?"

Sensory stimulation is a basic human need that is essential to life and survival.  We are constantly taking in sensory stimulation every second -- seeing, hearing, touching,
Learn more

Special Haven Beerfest 2014
by: David Chuey

Special Haven will be hosting Beerfest 2014 on Saturday, May 17th from noon to 4pm at Schooner's Grille & Brewery, 4250 Lone Tree Way, Antioch CA.  We already have six breweries committed to the event (Schooner's Brewery, Ale Industries, Sierra Nevada, Mendocino Brewing Company, Drakes Brewing, and Lost Coast Brewery) and we are continuing to add more.  Tickets are only $20 for the event and the first 300 people will receive a souvenir glass. Last year's Learn more
Dinner and Dance

by: David Chuey


Having a child with special needs brings many blessings, but can also be tough.  Finding the right school, the right doctor, the right help, and the right activities can be frustrating.  When your special needs child reaches their teen years, there can be different challenges. One of the biggest headaches can be finding age appropriate social activities in a safe environment. Sometimes it takes wonderful people to get together and do something Learn more 


Upcoming Events
Special Haven will be hosting several different events in the next few months.  Some will be fundraisers and others will be family events.  Be on the lookout for flyers for our upcoming events.
  • Dinner and Dance - Friday, March 21, from 6pm to 10pm.  This event is hosted by several wonderful parents in the community for young adults with special needs from the ages of 12 and up.  The dinner and dance is at Liberty High School in Brentwood and the cost is $6 per person.  All the proceeds from this event will be donated to Special Haven.  For more information check out the article above.    
  • Massage Marathon - Sunday, April 13, from to.  IHCA is hosting another massage marathon with the proceeds from the event going to Special Haven.  More information to follow, please be on the look out. 
  • Special Haven Beerfest 2014 - Saturday, May 17, from noon to 4pm.  Special Haven will be hosting its 2nd Annual Beerfest.  We have 6 beer vendors, a home brew competition, raffle baskets, vendors, and a 50/50 raffle.  The event will be held at Schooner's Grille & Brewery in Antioch. 

Thank You - 2014

Event Sponsors

Rina Accountancy Corp


Ale Industries
Drakes Brewing
E.J. Phair Brewing
Lost Coast Brewery
Mendocino Brewing
Schooner's Grille & Brewery

Sierra Nevada
$300 and Up

Jim & Janet Frazier


Up to $299

Aaron Feldman
Alan & Mandy Chuey
Andre Soto  
Brian & Shirley Elkins
Brian McCoy
Carolyn Solis
Cathy Woods
Cheryl Spence   


Chris Roman
David & Ana Chuey
Dennis R J Asnicar  
Drake & Tami 
Earl DyFoon 
Ed Mack Agbuya 
Edmund Jabson 
Eric Marquis 
Genie Vestal 
Jasmine Chuey 
Jerome Jabson 
Jessica Franke 
Jessie Lachance-Mellan 
Jose & Cathy Rabago 
Jose & Carmen Rabago
Cathy Manolatos  
Kathy Slightam 
Kian Bolourchi 
Linda Theisen 
Lis & Barry Mitchell  
Lucious Upshaw
Lynda D. Williams  
Marie Wood 
Matt Schwab
Michael Trindade
Michele McDaniel
Michelle Munson 


Mickie DyFoon
Mirna Remson
Monica Wilson
Navin Singh
Peter Norton
Polly Smith
Ralp & Cheryl
Rebcca Franco
Rob Manion
Robert I
Robert Lager
Ron Enos
Ron Nunn
Sandy Silva
Sara Ridge
Stacy Sanders
Stanley Ng
Steve Rojek
Thomas & Zosima Chuey
Tony Belbis
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Vicki Helm
Vicky Dunn
Vince Friscia

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