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The mission of this quarterly journal is to improve nonprofit education and leadership through the publication and dissemination of peer-reviewed manuscripts centered on professional practice, research, and theoretical discussions. Manuscript submissions are encouraged from authors inside and outside of academia.

The Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership publishes quality manuscripts to disseminate the latest knowledge related to nonprofit education and leadership to help develop theory and practice. The journal seeks quantitative and/or qualitative research findings, conceptual or theoretical discussions, and program best practices.

Relevant topic areas (centered on nonprofit education and leadership) for the journal include, but are not limited to, nonprofit governance, fundraising, volunteer management, operations, legal framework, philanthropy, program planning, implementation and evaluation, and financial management.

The journal provides a forum for authors interested in nonprofit education and nonprofit leadership to exchange information via quality peer-reviewed articles. This exchange is designed to advance theory and improve practice.
Editor's Notes
Message From the Special Issue Editor
Stuart C. Mendel
President's Notes
Message From the NACC President
Matthew Hale
Is Accreditation Good for the Field?
Nonprofit First as Grounding for Nonprofit Studies: Pedagogy, Research, Service to the Community, Accreditation, and National Rankings
Stuart C. Mendel
Patrick M. Rooney
A Critical Perspective on Nonprofit Accreditation
Roseanne Mirabella and Angela Eikenberry
Robert F. Ashcraft
An Integrated Approach to Nonprofit Management Curriculum: Implications for Accreditation
Steven Rathgeb Smith
Free Sample Article:
Norman A. Dolch
Jennifer Alexander
Contours of the Accreditation Purpose and Process
Maureen Emerson Feit, A. Emiko Blalock, and Khanh Nguyen
NASPAA: The Public Administration Process and Approach Toward Accreditation
Kathleen Hale
International Perspectives on NACC Accreditation
John Casey
International by Design: International Accreditation Perspectives for Nonprofit Management Education
Marco Tavanti
Accreditation and International NGOs: Issues and Challenges
John Hailey
Susan Tomlinson Schmidt and Dorothy Norris-Tirrell
A Framework for Accreditation
Curriculum Mapping Models and Other Processes That Might Work for Nonprofit and Philanthropy Accreditation
Heather L. Carpenter
A Template for an Accreditation Process for University-Based Nonprofit and Philanthropy Programs
Renée A. Irvin
A Position Paper on Accreditation on Nonprofit/Philanthropy University Curricula 
Matthew Hale and Renée A. Irvin
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