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School Wellness Weekly

March 11, 2021

Office of School Wellness Programs and Hip Hop Public Health Weekend Wellness flyer. Self-care for communities and families. An interactive, virtual series featuring iconic artists and health professionals.
Weekend Wellness, Part 2
Community Activity: Move Your Body to Improve Your Mind
We're coming to you live and direct again next Saturday, March 20!

The Office of School Wellness Programs is partnering with Hip Hop Public Health (opens in new window) for a free, three-part, monthly Saturday morning event series, "Weekend Wellness: Self-Care for Communities and Families" (opens in new window). Spread the word to families and caregivers in your school communities—especially our communities of color—and encourage them to join us for the next two upcoming Saturday-morning events from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.:  

  • March 20: "Community Activity": Move Your Body to Improve Your Mind
  • April 24: "Community Resiliency": The Real Deal on Toxic Stress and Racism

Missed our first session on February 27? No problem! Access it here: Weekend Wellness: Community Immunity (opens in new window) to learn, share and spread #FactsNotFear about vaccine hesitancy and acceptance.
The series engages families in school wellness to raise awareness around self-care skills and concepts central to PE and Health Education that benefit not only students but also their families and communities. Join us for our next installment, "Community Activity," to explore how physical activity can combat stress and promote mental wellness. Office of School Wellness Programs expert Cedra Starks will join panelists Dr. Olajide Williams (the "Hip Hop Doc"), New York City hip hop icon Doug E. Fresh, and fitness choreographer Marc Santa Maria to deliver empowering messages of self-care. 
Panelists at March 20 Weekend Wellness event, from left: Dr. Olajide Williams, Marc Santa Maria, Doug E. Fresh, Cedra Starks