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To promote, strengthen & support individuals with disabilities, their families & caregivers
MAY 2020
May is National Foster Care Awareness Month . A time for communities to come together to support the kids who need them most. You can help us ensure siblings stay together. You can help us support family reunification. You can help us ensure young people practice their cultural traditions. If you’ve thought about fostering before but haven’t started the process yet, now is the time. Contact Sandra at 719-345-1735 or sksf@sksfcolorado.org if interested.
Special Kids Special Families is seeking individuals, couples or families who are willing to care for TEENS with developmental disabilities and/ or special needs. You would become the teen’s Foster Provider (i.e. Foster Parent) and welcome them into your home, providing the care and guidance that they require. As the youth becomes an adult, you would work with them as their Adult Home Provider. This important step for adolescents with challenging needs is so crucial to their future success.
Foster parenting isn't for everyone, but everyone can do something to help children in need! Our foster program is in need of bicycles for kids ages 5-16. Kids are more and more outside these days and many don't have bikes to enjoy the beautiful spring weather - can you help? Contact us at 719-345-1735 to donate or email us at sksf@sksfcolorado.org if you'd like to help.
There are ways you can help a child in need without becoming a foster family. With roughly 450,000 children in foster care today, foster care is in crisis and there are children who are in need of a helping hand right now. There is a child, right now, who needs your help. Let’s look at 10 ways you can help a child in foster care without being a foster parent.
Supporting our employees during this difficult time is so important. Take a peek at the note our Admin Team put together along with these awesome shirts to let our staff know how important they are!

"We know that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty for many of us. Fortunately for us, we have some of the best and most dedicated staff members around! Many of you are doing tasks outside of your normal duties such as sorting paperwork, scanning, archiving, cleaning, painting, etc.. Additionally, many of you have taken on additional duties and responsibilities in relation to taking care of your clients. Without all of you, we wouldn’t be where we are today… so with that being said, THANK YOU!! As a token of our appreciation, some of your Admin Team graciously came together to gather the funds to get these shirts created for you. The meaning behind  #WeAreSKSF  is a slogan we all should chant on a daily basis. This is our daily reminder of why we do the work we do and who we do it for. As a unified team of hardworking professionals, we will be victorious and aid in defeating the COVID-19 virus. Stay strong, stay healthy and stay positive! We will get through this because  #WeAreSKSF !"

Thank you! Linda Ellegard, Executive Director; Maria Berger, Assistant Executive Director; Lena Gladin, Operations Manager; Nick Angiocchi, Human Resources Coordinator
Adult Mentor, Pete, is painting the Sensory Room at Joey’s Place during down-time. FANTASTIC talent - it looks great!!
Special Kids Special Families recently started a 90-day program to offer telehealth counseling free to those 60 and older so they don’t have to risk leaving their home. Free sessions are available through the end of July for those who don’t have insurance or have insurance that doesn’t cover behavioral health, regardless of income. “We want to target as many seniors as we can, to see how they’re doing,” says Maria Berger, SKSF Assistant Executive Director. “That community can feel isolated and depressed. My hope is we can expand our senior clients. We’re known for serving children and families, but not so much seniors.”

Blackhat Distillery Donation
We were in short supply of hand sanitizer but thanks to  Joey Koscove  and the folks at  Blackhat Distillery  for delivering 2 full gallon jugs plus several tubes of their 80% alcohol distillery sanitizer - WOW - great stuff! Joe, we appreciate the continued support of our organization over the years - thank you! Check out Blackhat Distillery:  https://www.blackhatdistillery.com/
We are so fortunate to have local businesses and organizations support our cause! We'd like to acknowledge and thank these folks for their generous donations....
Christy Pennington at  Pikes Peak Hospice Foundation  donated art supplies to be used for children receiving Behavioral Health Services.
Becky Powell, SKSF volunteer donated several dolls which will be shared with children in our Child Placement Agency.
El Paso County Department of Human Services  dropped off masks, gloves, soap & disinfectant to help programs that serve DHS clients.
We'd like to thank our grantors for supporting our organization and helping our programs with funding. You truly are making a difference!

  • The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation, Inc.
  • The Lowe Fund of The Denver Foundation
  • Pikes Peak Community Foundation's Emergency Relief Fund
  • Ent Credit Union's Youth Endowment Series (YES) grant
We've raised thousands of dollars so far this year and want to thank everyone involved in the Kings Soopers Community Rewards Program! To help, all you have to do is LINK your King Soopers loyalty rewards card to Special Kids Special Families and we earn funds to support our programs as YOU SHOP or gas up - It’s so EASY!
During this crisis, we are in need of sanitizing supplies! If you have any of these supplies that you can donate to our organization, please contact us - 719-447-8983 ask for Jon or email us at sksf@sksfcolorado.org. THANK YOU!
  • Disposable gloves
  • Hand sanitizer
  • No touch thermometers
  • Disposable or washable masks