Update From the Cortland School District
March 13, 2020
District Status
The Cortland Enlarged City School District schools are not closed. We are set to return from the long weekend on Tuesday, March 17th. The District does not have any confirmed cases of COVID-19 at this time (nor does the Cortland community). We are in constant contact with regional health officials and are monitoring any change in attendance patterns. If this changes we will use all of the communication vehicles at our disposal to let you know.
Field Trips & Travel
We are reviewing all field trips, travel, and large gatherings on an ongoing basis. Each event is reviewed on a rolling, timebound basis. The Superintendent makes any necessary decisions based on circumstances and notifies the person responsible. Naturally, parents always have the ultimate decision about participation at an event. We are working with vendors to try to reduce the financial implications of cancellations or postponements.
Planning for Interruptions to Instruction
Given the closures and pauses in many higher education institutions in our state, it makes sense to be prepared in case we have to close. Our teacher teams have started to prepare, just in case. We expect that we would use a combination of low tech and technology-based methods in order to continue instruction as best as we can. In some cases we would send printed materials. We have also created a central online portal that we would activate if needed. The online portal will have messages, links, and other resources.
Continuity of Food Service
The District has completed the necessary paperwork to be able to continue to provide breakfast and lunch for all students. We anticipate that we would have multiple sites across the community from where a daily breakfast/lunch package would be available for pickup. The specific sites and hours will be widely communicated if we have to put this plan into place.
District COVID-19 Webpage
We’ve created a special web page where we are collecting information for our educational community. There you will find up-to-date information as well as links to other resources.