Special Message for Cortland Community
April 10, 2020
NY Health Insurance Available
With the recent closure of businesses across the state, many New Yorkers are at risk of losing their health insurance coverage as a result of COVID-19. Many are likely to be eligible for health coverage with financial assistance through NY State of Health due to their loss of coverage and income. NY State of Health opened a Special Enrollment Period last month for people who are uninsured, and the Marketplace has started an awareness campaign to let people know that NY State of Health is there as a safety net in difficult times like these.

New Yorkers who are without health insurance should apply now through NY State of Health. If you lost employer coverage, you must apply within 60 days of losing that coverage. Because of a loss of income, New Yorkers may also be eligible for Medicaid, the Essential Plan, Child Health Plus, or subsidized Qualified Health Plan coverage.

Thousands of assisters are ready throughout the state to help consumers enroll by phone. NY State of Health is committed to helping New Yorkers get the coverage they need so they can get the care they need.
Keeping Up With the Education News
The COVID-19 situation has had an impact on many statewide policies and practices. Here are some of them:
  • June Regents examinations have been cancelled. Basically, if a student passes the course she/he will receive credit for the course without having had to pass the Regents test for that course. The state has prepared an FAQ document that answers many questions.
  • 3-8 tests for mathematics and LEA have been cancelled for 2019-2020. 
  • 4th and 8th grade science tests have been cancelled for 2019-2020.
  • Tests for students for whom English is a New Language have been cancelled. These students will continue to receive the same amount of support they received this year.
If you have specific questions about any of these, please reach out to your school principal.
Distance Learning
The Governor has announced that distance learning will continue through [at least] April 29th.  

Distance learning will continue as it has been. The Distance Learning Portal will function as the primary communication point. Distance learning will continue, and so, too should the practice of social distancing. Data show that social distancing works and flattens the curve. Nicer weather and extended time apart from friends might tempt us to relax social distancing practices. However, we need to continue the social distancing in order to protect our individual and community health.
Technology Help
Technology support for district devices and distance learning is available by sending an email to helpdesk@cortlandschools.org or by calling 607-758-4188. You can expect someone to return your message from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Food Service
Grab and go meals (breakfast and lunch) continue to be distributed Monday through Friday, at locations across the community from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. In addition, local food pantries have increased capacity. Please call “211 Cortland” for locations and times. 

If you have an immediate need and/or question, please contact a school social worker or the district office at 607-758-4100, x2221. We are available to assist you in meeting family needs.
District COVID-19 Webpage
We encourage everyone to frequently visit the special COVID-19 web page where we are collecting information for our educational community. There you will find up-to-date information as well as links to other resources.