Dear Pennsylvania Church of God Family!

The past several weeks has brought much concern related to the current conditions regarding COVID-19. This pandemic has literally captured the attention of our world including our Pennsylvania Church of God family. Please know we are praying for our church family, local community, and our nation as we all deal with this situation together. It is so important to remember that God has not called us to be afraid, but instead to respond with love and wisdom. We are a people of faith, not fear. This is not a time for panic and fear, but rather a time to be prayerful and exhibit wisdom in God. My faith in God tells me that this present crisis will make us stronger and we will be the better for it. I am convinced that this is a moment in time that allow the people of God to be the beacon of hope the world so desperately needs. Please know that Kathy and I love you and are praying for you everyday. The State Office Team is here to serve you and we will labor together with you. Be assured that God is in control and He loves each us.

There has been a request by several churches for resources on how to tackle this "new normal" we are experiencing. You will find a few things below that we hope will help you and your church in your quest to be the most effective in reaching your flock and the community. Additionally, the Governor released a statement concerning closures and availability of non-lifesaving-businesses and organizations. Please make yourself familiar with the list by clicking the yellow button below. Religious organizations are listed under the last section of the list.

We are praying for God's guidance and protection over you,

Bishop Tony and Kathy Cooper
State Office Email Contacts:

Josh Martin,
Ashlee Chilcote,
Tips and resources to help you and your church during the quarantine
How to use Facebook LIVE to broadcast your services, Bible studies and connect through video with your audience
Thank you Pastor K.P. Jones from New Life Community in Essington for providing this useful tutorial.
How to host your own video conference meeting
Because we are unable to congregate in large groups, we need to be resourceful in how we talk to our groups and hold meetings. One of those ways is to hold your meetings via video conferencing. The most popular way is by using the Zoom technology. Below, you will find some tools to get you started on using this platform.
Below are a few ways to communicate with your congregation about the changes in your church's operations. Some of these are texting platforms, mass email services and even some examples on some creative ways churches are rethinking traditional church services.
Mass Texting Service
This is a mass texting services designed for churches to disseminate information to mobile devices.

Phone Messaging Service
Here is an inexpensive service used to send phone alerts to your audience.

There are others, such as Call-Em-All, and Dial My Calls

Many of these phone messaging services also provide the texting service as well.
Mass Emailing Services
Below are two services that provide a platform to send emails our quickly and efficiently. Some have plans that are FREE for email lists that are less than a certain number. Other plans offer a variety of different options. Shop around and find the plan that works best for your church. The State Office uses Constant Contact.

Communication, Communication, Communication!!!
Communication has always been key in assisting a church in their growth process. Now more than ever, communication is essential in getting information out to our congregants. Many of you have been very creative in how you have had to reevaluate the structure of your services and how you tell the community that you are here to help. Below is a link to Dropbox file from one of our churches in Pennsylvania. This is just one of many ways to pass on information to your folks. Thank you Pastor Mike Grove for allowing us to peek into your process of how you are communicating to your community.
More Resources
Several days ago, our State Treasurer, Dixie Penrod offered a few suggestions on how we can meet the demands of non-traditional church services. These are important and you will want to take the time to explore each one. If you missed the previous email, we are glad to include her correspondence below. Thank you, Dixie for taking the time to research these options.

We are in un-chartered territory in our churches and in our nation with the current COVID-19 pandemic. We are facing obstacles that we have never faced before. I want to remind you that God is in control! 1 Peter 5:7 says “Give all your worries to him, because he cares for you.” We want to give you some practical & innovative options/ideas for you to keep your church connected and giving possibilities.

  • If your church does not already LiveStream or FaceBook Live your services that is certainly an option. If you are a small church you only need a smart phone and a FaceBook account to FaceBook Live your service or teaching. If you are not sure how to do this contact someone in your church to help you.

  • Make a plan to have all of your church people contacted weekly to check on them and connect. Incorporate your leaders to help facilitate this. Give each leader 3-5 families to check on and connect with each other. Make sure that they are being the CHURCH. Remember that the body of Christ is about Jesus and the people apart of it, not the building where we worship Him. 

  • GIVING is a huge question right now. If we can’t meet can people still give? We are going to list some options for you that will give you the ability for electronic giving. All of these options have costs involved. Each church will need to research and see what is the best fit for them or if online giving will work for your congregation.

Paypal is one of the least expensive ways to receive online donations.

SecureGive is a Church of God company and if you let them know that you are Church of God they will give you your first three months free on a one year contract. is another option that gets good reviews.

Easytithe gets good reviews.

Planning Center Online is another option that has many different options for all size churches.

And remember your church family can also mail their tithe and offerings to the church.  

The most important part is for us to stay connected with our church family in any way possible. Let us make our church families feel the love of Jesus from wherever they are. Let them know that you love them and that you are praying for them.

Please know that we love you pastor and we are praying for you in this very difficult season.