April 22, 2 020
Dear Senior Students and Parents:

I hope you know that you all have been in our thoughts and prayers as we have been confronted with such an unprecedented event altering all our lives; what some people are calling the greatest disruption in the history of American education.  The overwhelming consensus is that we all hurt for this outstanding class, a class that earned and truly deserved only the best of senior years and for you, supportive and amazing parents.  We all know that none of us will ever forget the Class of 2020.  

As we have all observed during this ever changing pandemic, even the best-laid plans can be negated by the minute.  So given that caveat, we have been working on a plan to bring closure to this school year with the current social distancing requirements in place.  Barring any unforeseen directives, the calendar linked here will highlight the month of May.    

Highlighted Important Dates for Seniors

This Friday, April 24
Seniors will be allowed to come to school and pick up their cap and gowns and clean out their lockers. We are aware that many left their A.P. materials from the first semester in their lockers and they are needed now to prepare for the tests.   We have a plan in place that Ms. Braham has sent out so that we can minimize the time on campus and the number of people in the building at one time to adhere to the social distancing mandates.  If some cannot make it Friday, we can arrange for another pick-up at a later date.  

Used Uniform Return
I ask this each year, but if parts of your uniform are still in great/good shape, please consider donating them to the Mothers' Club.  These used uniforms are a true gift and a great assistance to many, many families.  I hope as you review your uniform situation, you will consider a gift to help others.

May 6-7-8: Last turn-in dates for seniors
We will treat these three dates as if we would have held final exams.  Not having final exams, these three dates will be the last day for a chapter/unit test, projects or any other teacher requirements.  Unless a senior is taking A.P. tests, the following schedule will be adhered to and he/she will be required to participate as scheduled:  

May 6 will be the last day of class for:  English and Social Studies  
May 7 will be the last day of class for:  Math and Science
May 8 will be the last day of class for: Theology and World Languages with the end of the day on the 8th being the seniors' last day unless they are taking A.P.  exams.   

A.P. Exams
If your senior is taking an A.P. class(es), they will continue to meet beyond May 8.  The new A.P. schedule has tests beginning on Monday, May 11 and going until Friday, May 22.  The A.P. teachers will continue to teach those classes so our students will be prepared.  As you know, the College Board has changed the format of the A.P. tests to 45 minutes and will be administered in your home.  Information should be coming from the College Board as to their expectations and what will be needed to take these tests in your home.  Pay particular attention to the instructions as all this comes from the College Board and the school is left out of these instructions.  Be on the lookout for their expectations.  

Bishop Konzen and Bishop Shlesinger are making plans to do a virtual Baccalaureate Mass for the seniors.  When those plans are finalized, either live or recorded, I will let you know. 

It has been the desire of everyone at St. Pius X that we conduct an in-person graduation for this deserving class.  We are planning on doing that, and based on the current projections of social distancing, we are looking at the weekend of July 17 or 18 to hold a graduation in the stadium.  We hope to have that coordinated this week as we have to coordinate with the new Archbishop who will be on-board at that time, and/or the two Bishops along with the Superintendent and others from the Office of Catholic Schools, as well as the other two Archdiocesan high schools. We will have that date to you as soon as possible for your planning purposes.  

Distribution of Yearbooks
We are waiting on shipment news for the yearbooks and other academic awards.  When we have confirmed shipment dates, we will set up a day/time for pick up.    

Library Checked Out Material, Fees Owed, and Book Return
If you have borrowed any material(s) from the library they will have to be returned.  Any fees owed will have to be paid prior to the release of the final transcript to colleges.  

There will not be a book return this year as we are going to go to a new system next year in an effort to save everyone money.  That information will be coming out after we bring closure to this school year. 

Return of Athletic Equipment and Uniforms
The Athletic Department has planned for all spring sport athletes to drop off any equipment or uniforms that they have at the same time they pick up their Coke orders on May 9.  Information has already been sent out on this.  

Again, please know that we feel your pain with the outcome of this year.  None of us have ever seen, or were even able to envision a situation like this occurring, but know that you are missed and that your four years here have been a wonderful journey.  The legacy of this class, and the parents, is an outstanding one, and that alone is what will be long remembered by this faculty.

With continued prayers for your health and well-being.

With much gratitude,
Steve Spellman 
St. Pius X Catholic High School
2674 Johnson Road, NE
Atlanta, GA 30345