April 22, 2 020
Dear Underclass Students and Parents:

I hope you know that you all have been in our thoughts and prayers as we have been confronted with such an unprecedented event altering all our lives; what some people are calling the greatest disruption in the history of American education.  Know that we appreciate your patience and understanding as we attempt to reinvent the delivery system of our educational system. I believe in my heart that we are going to emerge as a better system and school after we have time to analyse the nuances of long term virtual learning.  We all especially hurt for the wonderful senior class that has had their final year of high school totally disrupted and hope all will keep them in your prayers.  

As we have all observed during this ever changing pandemic, even the best-laid plans can be negated by the minute.  So given that caveat, we have been working on a plan to bring closure to this school year with the current social distancing requirements in place.  Barring any unforeseen directives, the calendar linked here will highlight the month of May.    

Highlighted Important Dates

May 11-15  Underclassmen Elective Days
We will treat these five days as we would if we were in school.  These five dates will be the last days for a chapter/unit test, projects or any other teacher requirements in ELECTIVE classes.  

A.P. Exams
The new A.P. schedule has tests beginning on Monday, May 11 and going until Friday, May 22.  The A.P. teachers will continue to teach those classes so our students will be prepared.  As you know, the College Board has changed the format of the A.P. tests to 45 minutes and will be administered in your home.  Information should be coming from the College Board as to their expectations and what will be needed to take these tests in your home.  Pay particular attention to the instructions as all this comes from the College Board.  St. Pius X is left out of these instructions.  Be on the lookout for their expectations.  

May 18-19-20
The following schedule will be followed for these three days. We will treat these like we would have if we had finals. These are the last days for chapter/unit tests, projects or any other teacher requirements in CORE classes:

May 18 will be the last day of class for:  English and Science  
May 19 will be the last day of class for:  Math and Social Studies 
May 20 will be the last day of class for: Theology and World Languages.

Wednesday, May 20 will be the last day of school unless the student is taking  A.P. classes with the last A.P. tests being given on Friday, the 22.    

Honors Assembly
One of the highlights of the spring is the Honors Assembly where we recognized deserving students for their academic achievements.  We have made a decision that we will conduct the Honors Assembly for the returning underclassmen early in the fall to ensure that deserving students get recognized.  

Locker Clean-Out and Distribution of Yearbooks
We are waiting on shipment news for the yearbooks.  When we have confirmed shipment dates, we will set up a day/time for locker clean out and pick up of the yearbooks.  We are establishing a staggered schedule for this with the social distancing requirement in place.  Also, for the benefit of freshman parents, every student gets a yearbook. 

Library Checked Out Material, Fees Owed, and Book Return
If you have borrowed any material(s) from the library they will have to be returned and any fees owed will have to be paid prior to the release of the final grades.  

There will not be a book return this year as we are going to go to a new system next year in an effort to save everyone money.  That information will be coming out after we bring closure to this school year. 

Return of Athletic Equipment and Uniforms
The Athletic Department has planned for all spring sport athletes to drop off any equipment or uniforms that they have at the same time they pick up their Coke orders on May 9.  Information has already been sent out on this.  

Again, please know that we feel your pain with the outcome of this year.  None of us have ever seen, or even able to envision a situation like this occurring, but know that you are missed.  

With continued prayers for your health and well-being.

With much gratitude,
Steve Spellman 
St. Pius X Catholic High School
2674 Johnson Road, NE
Atlanta, GA 30345