Dear Friends of CAP,
For everyone’s health, safety, and well-being during COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we want to share the current protocol that Children Awaiting Parents has adopted as of today, March 16, 2020, per all state and county recommendations and orders.

As the COVID-19 Pandemic spreads and impacts all aspects of our society, it is important we work towards maintaining calm and conducting business as best we are able. Many of our staff will be in the office as long as we are able to continue to work and meet family and staff needs. However, please call or email the office rather than visiting, in an effort to keep you and all building staff safe.  

We will continue to advocate for our children who have experienced traumatic pasts to feel safe during this time. While the pandemic may ultimately result in our staff being unable to make home visits, we are available by phone to support our kids and families. Placement families will continue to be supported through phone contact, Facetime, and web trainings. We will also make referrals to needed resources and work to provide what families need. Therefore, we have adopted the following protocol:

  • Family visitation: our direct service practices are in alignment with NYS OCFS (Office of Children and Family Services) to proceed with caution, potentially ceasing all direct service visitation.
  • Internal meetings: CAP—and our shared offices at Children’s Institute—will eliminate large meetings and reduce all meetings to those only involving our two agencies. Therefore, Info meetings and MAPP classes will now be completed online until further notice. More information will be coming. Meetings consisting of five to seven people will be held in our building, all others will not.
  • Visitors: Please contact us by phone (585) 232-5110 or email rather than in-person at the office, although for now, we can accept visitors in small numbers. Please call ahead to ensure the office is open and staffed.
  • Emergency/concerns: Please call me directly on my cell at (585) 978-4268.

Check out these helpful resources:

Thank you for adhering to our new procedures, and please stay safe,

Lauri McKnight, CAP executive director