Special News for Indian Country
President Biden Announces Agreement on Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework

On Thursday June 24, President Biden and a coalition of 10 Senators, both Republican and Democrats, reached a deal on a legislative package called the ‘Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework’ outlining top-line spending levels of $1.2 trillion over eight years to provide long-term investment in America’s physical infrastructure. The American Jobs Plan, initially announced by President Biden on March 31, is the Administration’s initiative to invest nearly $2.3 trillion for American infrastructure.
The newly agreed upon legislative package includes several provisions with potential impact to Indian Country including:

  • $266 billion in non-transportation infrastructure
  • $65 billion for rural broadband
  • $55 billion for water infrastructure
  • $47 billion for climate resilience
  • $21billion for environmental remediation
  • $5 billion for Western water storage

A second legislative package is expected to start negotiations in the coming summer months as stated by President Biden in his remarks, “I have been clear from the start that it was my hope that the infrastructure plan could be one that Democrats and Republicans would work on together, while I would seek to pass my Families Plan and other provisions through the process known as reconciliation.”'

Through the American Families Plan, President Biden sought to propose long-term, sustainable investment in policies that concern “human infrastructure” including public health infrastructure, workforce investment, advance in education programs, and greater investment in child care and family policies.

On June 21, the National Indian Health Board submitted a letter to Congressional leadership outlining Tribal healthcare infrastructure requests, including $48 billion for full funding of the Indian Health Service, $21 billion for healthcare facilities construction, $3 billion for health IT modernization, and more.
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