Construction News through Friday, December 1st


Construction News Will Begin Bi-Weekly Schedule

Service Drives / Tunnel Traffic Shift COMPLETED !!!

Please Stay Alert to New Traffic Pattern and Follow Signage

Thank You for Your Attention

Please see immediately below for a graphic depicting Service Drives traffic movements.


Aside from the Sunday night lane closures and Service Drives traffic shift noted above, no significant changes to the existing traffic patterns are anticipated to occur over the next week.

Various single and double lane closures will continue to occur to accommodate construction; they are listed in more detail immediately below.

The one-way conversion of Lafayette Street that began in February will continue through the end of 2023. Please see further below for more information about the temporary one-way conversion of Lafayette Street.


Through Friday, December 01, 2023, lane closures may occur on the following roads to accommodate construction:

  • South Frontage Road (SFR): single-lane closures on SFR between College and Church Streets.
  • Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Boulevard: daytime single closures between College and Church Streets
  • College Street:  single-lane closures between MLK Boulevard and South Frontage Road

Drivers are urged to pay attention to road signage,

line striping, slow down, and stay safe!

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