Strangers No Longer Special Notice
August 2020
Flood Damage at Way Station in Mexico
People fleeing Central American countries stop at shelters along the route north to get a warm meal, a place to rest, medical care, and a change of clothing. Casa Samaritano is one such shelter in mid-Mexico. It is run by the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts and has been aided since January by the Circle at Our Mother of Perpetual Help.

Recently the shelter experienced a severe storm that resulted in extensive flooding.  Many items were lost including medical supplies, clothing and furniture. 
In addition, Covid-19 has hit Mexico hard. Many other shelters in Mexico have shut down because of it, so Casa Samaritano’s services have become even more crucial. Sister Louisa and three other sisters along with a skeleton group of volunteers continue their work using practices that keep everyone at the shelter safe. This is very difficult, but they prevail.

If you would like to help make it possible for the shelter to continue to serve those fleeing oppression, you can do so through a contribution of any amount. Please select the button below to donate.
Strangers No Longer