May 30th, 2019
Civil Rights Sentry for a Century
Vigilant since 1919
This Wednesday: College Town Hall
(Sorry for the late notice, this slipped by us when we were publishing our last newsletter!)
Don't Forget: June Meeting
June General Membership Meeting
Join us on the first Thursday of the month! Give your opinion in person, and make connections with your fellow members. Coming to a meeting is the best way to start to get engaged and make a difference!

6pm, June 6, 2019
Jacobs Center Community Room
404 Euclid Avenue

Facebook user? RSVP here .

Interested in seeing the agenda & reports? Visit .
Please Note: Our July meeting will be on July 11th
Read Some Good Books This Summer!
Kickoff this Saturday, June 8!
Would you like to encourage kids to read with the NAACP San Diego Branch?
Join us for Juneteenth with the
Cooper Family Foundation!
Celebrate Juneteenth With Your Branch!
This June 15th, we're going to be spending the day at the Cooper Family Juneteenth Celebration! Come on and join us, and help get people to join us in the struggle for Civil Rights! Click below to send us an email, and we'll let you know what time(s) we still need folks for.
Member-Owned Business Directory
Buy Local, Buy Small, Buy NAACP
Use your dollars to support small local businesses owned by your fellow NAACP members. We have enough economic power to make the difference to these businesses; use it!
Experiencing Discrimination?
Your branch is here to help. If you have experienced discrimination, the very best way to get started is to fill out a Discrimination Complaint . It will get us all the basic facts we need to determine whether we can help you directly or need to refer you to other resources.
Keep Up with the Branch
What's been happening?
Visit our News page for full information on what your branch has been doing.
Peer into the future!
Visit our new calendar to learn about what the branch is planning. Notices of select community and governmental events are also included.
Talk to Us!
Need to renew your membership? Moved? Changed your phone number? Please contact and we'll get it straightened around!
If you have a comment, suggestion, or question for your Branch, it's easier than ever to get our attention. Just email ; a human will respond, generally within 24 hours.