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We hope this email finds you well and still getting out to play some golf in this AMAZING fall weather..! 
Mazda has been a wonderful supporter/Sponsor of The GTA AM Tour for the past 13 years. I have personally had the pleasure of driving a Mazda CX-9 throughout these 13 years. 

I had my first CX-9 for 11 years and when I gave it to a friend, it had 331,000 kilometers on it. INCREDIBLE..! I now have a 2019 CX-9 and absolutely LOVE everything about driving this chariot. 

Not only does it easily tow The Tour trailer but I appreciate the excellent fuel mileage and how extremely quiet the passenger cabin is.

As a Tour player, you are able to receive $600 off the purchase of a brand new Mazda (Please see information piece below). If you are considering purchasing a new Mazda, please send me an email and I will happily provide you with a letter that will enable you to receive the discount.
I would like to thank Mazda for their AMAZING support of The GTA AM Tour and I encourage you to just go and drive one for FUN..! 
In good health,

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