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The Hock Tools Newsletter
A Shameless Shill for Hock Tools
#3   / 2016 
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Ron Hock
I hope you agree with me that quality tools cross genres: whatever the job, a reliable tool made with your needs in mind is a treasure. That said, I hope you also agree with me that a quality kitchen knife is the perfect gift for Mother's and Father's Day. I know that if my parents were alive, they'd each get at least one from me. And, yes, I would use a Hock Tools kitchen knife kit for ease and for speed in making. None of that shaping, hardening, and grinding I did in the old days of fine craft knife making. I'm way past that, and with these kits have made it easy for you to be, too.

As promised in our last edition of Sharp & to the Point , we're linking you to New Life for Grandpa's PlaneAnne Briggs Bohnett's second article in Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine . Anne learned to restore her grandad's old Stanley planes. I'm happy to report that she uses Hock blades to restore them to a state of performance that well exceeds the original.

Of course, if you find you need anything else from Hock Tools, please let me know.

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Ron Hock
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Retail 3-2016, In-the-Spotlight, Make a Chef's Knife for Mother-Father's Day.
In this issue:

Anne Briggs Bohnett's second article in Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine, Issue #242  features Hock Blades.

Make a Chef's Knife in Time for Mother's or Father's Day. Check out our special offer on shipping!
Advancing Handtools:
A New Life for Grandpa's Plane - an Article in Britain's 
Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine  by Anne Briggs Bohnett.
Retail 3-2016, Anne's Restored Stanley Soaks up some Rays, lightened.
One of Anne Briggs Bohnett's restored Stanley planes  soaks  up some rays.
Retail 3-2016, Advancing Handtools, Anne Briggs Bohnett Restores an Old Stanley, lightened.
Anne Briggs Bohnett Restores her Grandpa's Old Stanley Plane.

Anne Briggs Bohnett wrote two articles for Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine , one of Britain's premier magazines for woodworkers. You may have clicked through to read her first article,  Will the Real Iron Please Step Forward,  a profile about Ron here at Hock Tools. The second,  New Life for Grandpa's Plane,  which we promised to make available in this issue  of  Sharp & to the Point,  is about Anne's restoration of old planes, which began with her grandpa's bequest to her of his well-used Stanley planes. Anne fits her restored planes with Hock blades. Smart! Thank you again, Anne!

To read more about Anne and her article:
Keep Reading, Upper Case, White Frame

To go directly to New Life for Grandpa's Plane:
Retail #3-2016, Advancing Handtools
If you missed the last issue, here's a link to Would the Real Iron Man Please Step Forward?
Retail #2-2016, Click here to Read Will the Real Iron Man Step Forward

Retail 3-2016, Advancing Handtools, 3 of Anne's Restored Stanleys.

Make a Chef's Knife for  Mother's & Father's Day. 

We're Offering Free Shipping on Orders that Includes Knife Kits through June 7, 2016!

 To the right, Ron using the 8" Chef's Knife
he made from a  #KC800 Kitchen Knife Kit
Retail 3-2016, In-the-Spotlight, Make a Chef's Knife for Mother-Father's Day.
Retail 3-2016, In-the-Spotlight, Knife Medley.
This medley of knives includes Hock Tools display knives and knives
crafted from Hock Tools Knife Kits by woodworkers just like you.

Even if you don't use them much yourself, you know someone who uses kitchen knives each and every day. Just like woodworkers with woodworking tools, most cooks value a quality kitchen knife. You know, too, that once in hand, it is easy to tell quality kitchen knives from the rest.

Mother's Day is May 8th and soon after that, on June 19th, comes Father's Day. And, this year there is no need to worry about what to give because what could be better than a good quality kitchen knife that y
our made and gave?

You still have time to order the knife kit or kits of your choice and make a gorgeous, quality kitchen knife your loved ones will cherish for years to come.

Retail 3-2016, In-the-Spotlight, Keep Reading, Free Shipping, Color.

Ron Chops a Bit of Onion for the Soup
Retail 3-2016, In-the-Spotlight, Cutting an Onion 5 Pics long.

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