Three Months of Maretron Real Time Cloud Service
 at No Charge
Access Your Vessel in Real Time from Anywhere in the World
As a result of COVID-19, all of us are finding new and creative ways to work remotely and stay in touch. Many of our customers are practicing social distancing on their boats and using their vessels as floating offices. Others are far away from their boats and would like the ability to remotely monitor and control their vessels from wherever they are.

Real Time Cloud Service allows you to connect a Maretron IPG100 to the Internet so you can view a vessel’s current condition using N2KView ® or N2KView ® Mobile from anywhere on the Internet ...anywhere in the world.

As a way to enhance the convenience of your work and boating lifestyle, we are offering a 3-month trial of Maretron
Real Time Cloud Service at no charge.

-available for new cloud service accounts only-
Real Time Cloud Service is Simple to Use
Imagine receiving an email or text notification from your vessel indicating a problem and you simply log onto the vessel using
a smart phone, tablet, or PC.

Using Maretron’s N2KView vessel monitoring and control software you'll gain a better understanding of the problem and you can even initiate a corrective action like resetting tripped breakers,
turning on auxiliary pumps or lights.

Or maybe you just want to adjust the air conditioner or start the ice maker on your way to the boat. Whatever the reason,
Maretron Real Time Cloud Service provides you with a seamless connection to your vessel and the peace of mind that comes with the ability to conveniently access, monitor and control
your boat from anywhere in the world.
Have You Seen the New Maretron Catalog?

Rumor has it that social distancing has created more time for people to read. We've been working hard behind the scenes on the new 2020 Maretron catalog. Often referred to as the 'NMEA Bible' , we think you'll like the enhancements that include:

New, Larger Format - 8.5 x 11"
Increased Font Size
Enhanced Table of Contents
New System & Boat Diagrams
Photos of Accessories
New Products