December 7, 2020
Communication Advisory

Re: Province of Ontario regional zones continue

Attention: Special Olympics Ontario Communities, Clubs, Volunteers,    
                Athletes, Partners, Associates and Families

On November 16, 2020, Special Olympics Ontario initiated a province wide hold on in-person programs across the Province. Since then, COVID-19 numbers have continued to rise in many areas of the Province and more regional health districts have been moved into the stricter zones of red and grey.

Although our Special Olympics Ontario programs follow strict COVID-19 protocols, we feel attending indoor sport training sessions, at this time, increases the chances for our athletes and coaches to contract the virus. Within our organization, we have had very few positive COVID-19 cases, we do not want that number to rise. We recognize the benefits of in-person sport training for our athletes and our coaches, but we must consider the risk associated with attending those training sessions given the current COVID-19 numbers across the province.

Therefore, Special Olympics Ontario will continue with the current mandate to place programs on hold until January 8, 2021.

Continuing with the following parameters:
Extra Precautions: Sport training sessions must not engage in any games or scrimmage type drills and we recommend participants increase their physical distancing to 4M (12ft) while engaging in rigorous training drills (speed drills, high exertion exercise drills, etc.).

Reminder, Special Olympics sport training sessions are not considered an essential service and therefore, athletes and coaches/volunteers should not be crossing regional borders to attend a Special Olympics training session regardless of the assigned zones.

We strongly encourage all communities to consider outdoor activities to engage our athletes and coaches. Outdoor walking and hiking clubs are a great way to stay active and fit.

Should you have any questions or would like to speak with a staff person about the pandemic please email or call
1-888-333-5515 ext. 311 and leave a message and we will follow up. 

I know that the holiday season doesn't appear as festive but we will get to the other side of this and we will do it TOGETHER. The best to you and your families.

Thank you for your understanding,
Glenn MacDonell
President & CEO

cc: Special Olympics Board of Directors
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